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    • Remarketing: How to Start Developing Your Audience Targeting Strategy

      This year has been full of targeting and remarketing growth. Both Google and Bing released new features and updates to help marketers create custom audiences and the ability to speak to your brand’s exact needs. These new features, like in-market, look-alike, or custom audiences enable brands to define their ideal target market.

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  • Marketing With Instagram: It is Very Doable!

    … Facebook and Pinterest, there are affordable paid advertising options available as well. Even with a modest monthly marketing budget, Instagram offers many self-service advertising options. One example is their three advertising formats, including video, carousel, and photo/image. Four Benefits of Marketing with Instagram Whether you are using Instagram…

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  • 📊 Facebook Ads Reporting now in Raven

    … I’m happy to announce that you can now report on Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad-level data for all of your Facebook Ads campaigns within Raven. Campaign: This is the level of data you could see previously in Raven Tools. Because we’ve added other levels of metrics, the Campaign view is now on its own tab. Choose a Campaign to view the ad sets…

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  • Toxic Content: Advertise at Your Own Risk

    … spots on individual sites, in favor of the faster, cheaper method of targeting large groups of people based on their browser history. This is called programmatic advertising. (Have you ever abandoned, say, a decorative rug in an online shopping cart, just to find it following you around the internet? That’s programmatic hard at work.) Many…

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  • How to Start with Paid Advertising

    … I’ve never run a paid advertisement for my own products. Why? Well, simply because I’ve never had any products of my own to sell. One of my goals for 2017 is to shift the higher percentage of income coming from affiliate marketing (selling the products of others for a commission) to earnings generated from my own stuff. The primary driver…

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  • Hyperlocal, Hyper-focused | Online Tips for Offline Traffic

    … the correct business category Upload high-quality photos of your business These are the building blocks of your online visibility, and play an important role in ranking. (Multi-channel marketing has a compounding effects on brand awareness. Consider paid search: it amplifies the visibility of a Google My Business page, and can deliver timely…

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  • 8 Ways for You to Create Content that Creates Customers

    … still leaving a “cliffhanger” that makes people want to know more. Upgrade your design game with professional graphics – Most of us aren’t great designers. Instead, find and buy pre-made images and graphics for your content. Include a strong, smart call to action – Never leave your readers hanging, give them a clear action to take so they can take the next step. Of course, if you need assistance – be sure to check out one of Brian’s great classes or you can hire our content agency! © 2016 DK New Media. …

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  • Advanced Paid Search Strategies with LuRae Lumpkin – SEMPO Chats

    …:00 — How do you leverage third-party data for building an audience? 54:45 — How do paid search leads differ from other channels? 58:50 — Tell us about your experience with Amazon’s search advertising options. 1:04:30 — What are your favorite go-to tools in your PPC toolbox? Do you have any other questions for LuRae regarding paid search…

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  • Quality Score – A New Low Spells Change (part 2)

    … Here’s part 2 of 2 on the changes to Quality Score that Google is rolling out in a few weeks. Check out part 1 here. What’s changing? The lowest quality score a given keyword can achieve now includes zero or null value. A keyword lacking the impressions or click data required to determine a quality score will automatically receive a null…

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  • Quality Score – A New Low Spells Change (part 1)

    … an indirect impact on Ad Rank and, in turn, our costs. By making improvements to keyword relevancy, paid media managers may begin to see improvements in their historical Quality Scores. By improving QS there should also be movement in real-time Ad Ranking which will help to improve ad position and lower cost per click. Because Google’s expected CTR…

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  • Programmatic comes to native ads

    … advertising. The issues, show up because of the nature of programmatic. If native advertising is supposed to be native to a site, then how could it be native to more than one site? Website designs, topics and audiences can be similar, but will never be exactly the same, which some say is undermining the entire notion of native ads. Automating…

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  • Pinterest pins down market for CPG ads

    … and Instagram came in second, both at 12 percent each for shopping usage. Pinterest’s main usage, at 60 percent, was reported as viewing photos. In 2014 Pinterest introduced Promoted Pins which are ads in the form of pins. Pinterest Promoted Pins look and feel like regular pins but with a promoted label at the bottom of each. Users interact with them…

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