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    • Capcom Launches Mega Man 1-6 on Mobile

      Capcom launched the six original eight-bit Mega Man games on iOS and Android. In each game, players will need to help Mega Man defeat enemies in order to save the day. With these releases, Capcom said it optimized each title’s gameplay and difficulty for smartphones “so that certain elements will differ from the original game[s].” For instance, each game includes two difficulty options.

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    • Klei Entertainment Launches Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked on iOS

      Klei Entertainment announced the release of Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked on iOS. Created in collaboration with Capy, the game is an expansion of the original Don’t Starve, and it challenges users to help Wilson survive on a tropical archipelago. In Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, players will be able to explore new biomes ...

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  • Capcom Launches Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on iOS

    … and Japanese language support. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is available to download for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store. For that price, players receive access to the first half of the game’s first episode. Users can purchase the second half of the first episode for $1.99, and the game’s three additional episodes can be unlocked for $4.99 each. Players also have the option to unlock all of the game’s extra content in a bundle that costs $14.99. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is expected to launch on Android Dec. 8. …

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  • Asmodee Digital Launches Colt Express on Mobile

    … Asmodee Digital announced the release of Colt Express on iOS, Android and PC. Developed by Frima Studio, the board game is the digital version of the real-world Colt Express board game created by Ludonaute. In Colt Express, players become train robbers in the Wild West, and they can play cards to move around a train in order to collect as much…

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  • Square Enix Montreal Previews Puzzle Maker Feature Coming to Deus Ex GO

    … Square Enix Montreal previewed a new update coming to Deus Ex GO later this week. The update will add a Puzzle Maker tool to the turn-based puzzle game, which will allow users to create their own puzzles and share them with other players around the world. In Deus Ex GO, players become agent Adam Jensen, and they must use hacking, combat…

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  • Disney’s Moana Comes to Disney Mobile Apps, Games

    … Ahead of the release of Moana in theaters Nov. 23, Disney released a new mobile game, iMessage sticker pack and mobile content updates based on the film. First, Disney released Moana: Rhythm Run, a rhythm-based running game, on iOS. In the game, Moana and other characters from the film run across the screen automatically, and players can tap…

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  • Super Mario Run to Launch on iOS Dec. 15

    … Nintendo announced an official release date for Super Mario Run, its upcoming running game that was revealed in September. Super Mario Run will launch for free on iPhone and iPad Dec. 15. Users will be able to try the game for free, and they will be able to unlock all of the game’s content via a one-time in-app purchase of $9.99. Super Mario…

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  • Mojang Announces Minecraft Ender Update Coming to Mobile, Windows 10

    … Microsoft and Mojang announced the next major update coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta. The update is called the 1.0 Ender Update, and it will add The End area to the game. With this update, players will be able to travel to The End area and battle the Ender Dragon boss. Users will also be able…

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  • Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders Launches on iOS, Android

    … Microïds and Artefacts Studio released Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders on iOS and Android. The adventure game is based on the novel by Agatha Christie, and it sees users become detective Hercule Poirot on a quest to solve the case of the A.B.C. serial killer. In Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders, users can tap to walk around environments…

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  • 505 Games Launches Ember on iOS

    … at home with Ember on iOS. Ember is available to download on the iTunes App Store for $6.99. The game is currently on sale, and the price will increase to $9.99 after the sale ends. Ember is also available to download for $9.99 on PC via Steam. …

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  • Sentient Play Launches Komrad Interactive Chat Game on iOS

    … Sentient Play announced the release of Komrad on iOS. The interactive chat game allows users to interact with K.O.M.R.A.D., a Soviet supercomputer powered by artificial intelligence, which was left running when its military base was abandoned 30 years ago. K.O.M.R.A.D. was without human interaction for the past 30 years, and it doesn’t realize…

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  • Lumines: Puzzle & Music Launches on iOS, Android

    … Japanese game development studio mobcast announced the worldwide release of Lumines: Puzzle & Music on iOS and Android. The puzzle game challenges players to arrange shapes on the board so that squares of the same color touch and form larger blocks that will be removed by the “timeline sweep” line that scrolls over the board. In each game…

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  • Square Enix Montreal Launches Deus Ex GO on iOS, Android

    … Square Enix Montreal announced the release of Deus Ex GO on iOS and Android. The turn-based puzzle game challenges players to complete stages by moving protagonist Adam Jensen between nodes in the environment. In each stage, players need to reach the exit node by either defeating or avoiding enemies. Each time players move Jensen from one node…

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  • Telltale Games Launches Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltratiOn on Mobile

    … Telltale Games, in association with NBCUniversal Brand Development, launched Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltratiOn on iOS and Android. Developed by Night School Studio in collaboration with Universal Cable Productions, the game is based on the Mr. Robot television series, which follows the fsociety, a group of hackers on a quest to destroy E Corp…

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  • Pixel Hero Games Launches Eisenhorn: Xenos on iOS

    … Pixel Hero Games announced the release of Eisenhorn: Xenos on iOS. The game is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and it “closely follows” the story of the first book in Dan Abnett‘s Eisenhorn trilogy, Xenos. In Eisenhorn: Xenos, players become Gregor Eisenhorn, an Inquisitor challenged to protect the Imperium from threats. Players can use…

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  • Devolver Digital Launches Kingdom Management Game Reigns on Mobile

    … Devolver Digital announced the release of Reigns on iOS and Android. Developed by Nerial, the game sees players become monarchs who must respond to requests and keep the peace in their kingdoms. In Reigns, players receive one request or story card at a time, and they can swipe left or right to make a decision or choose a response for each card…

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  • BebopBee Launches Jurassic Go: Dinosaur Snap Adventures on iOS

    … Snapimals creator BebopBee announced the launch of Jurassic Go: Dinosaur Snap Adventures on iOS. The game asks players to take pictures of dinosaurs to fill their photography museums. In Jurassic Go: Dinosaur Snap Adventures, players move through different environments automatically, and they can take pictures of dinosaurs in different…

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