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    • Why Inbound Marketing Alone Likely Won’t Work Anymore

      Much has been written opining the impact of high-levels of content publishing online across the globe and its impact on marketing. In fact, Mark Schaefer was the first to kick off the debate in January of 2014. To paraphrase his argument: The amount of content being published online is increasing at an exponential rate and will surpass people’s ability to consume it. He calls this “Content Shock.

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    • 4 Lessons to Help You Market like a Rock Star

      Most creative individuals — whether we’re talking about rock stars, actors, or artists — don’t start with the audience in mind. Although they deliver content that appeals to widespread audiences, the creative process often begins as a personal journey. There’s a lesson here that might not seem intuitive.

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  • Why kissing frogs is soooo important … A cliché revisited

    … I’m 123 days late writing this post. I should have done it months, in fact, maybe years ago. I know I read the book when I was 8. But as the head of a rather successful digital marketing business for the past 10 years in which I wrote and edited several hundred business proposals, articles, tweets, and posts, I agonized over creating something…

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  • 4 Ideas To Increase Sales For Your Consulting Business

    … will be well equipped to decide when you have trained them well. When people see your blog and the amount of content you are willing to offer for free, you are bound to receive some calls. Your sales team can take the responsibility of educating the audience, be it over the phone, on social media or through the blog. Send something small first If your…

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  • B2B Marketing – How to Improve Your Digital Strategy

    … of a deterrent. They had a website! Ta-da! That was then, this is now We’ve all learned a lot since those early days, in fact, we’ve had to learn a whole new marketing language. New terms, new techniques, new outlets (think social media), and just when you think you’ve got the whole thing figured out, wham, someone comes up with a yet another way…

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  • 7 Healthcare Marketing Trends You Should Be Aware Of

    …, consumers will not trust the marketers. More skillful marketers know that establishing a personal foundation with consumers will build not only trust but help develop business. Social Media Messaging Customer interaction has always been one of the best ways to market medicine. Speaking to patients directly helps create a relationship…

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  • The Powerful Potential of Personalisation in Digital Marketing

    … strategy – especially when used in conjunction with a greater mass media campaign. How to personalise effectively Effective personalisation relies on three core things: data discovery, automated decision making, and content distribution. The first step in personalisation is data discovery to source the information that will provide a meaningful insight…

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  • 5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Explode Your Direct Mail ROI

    … Paid Media, Relationship Building Remember that Dad joke of throwing the flurry of junk mail that’s piled up on the doormat over his shoulder to the tune of ‘garbage’ or ‘trash’, or something far more offensive? Yes, that old story. Direct mail certainly got a bad rep for a while as we dreaded the run-in with our morning newspaper. Coupled…

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Creating Digital Signage for Business

    …, media streaming, and general information. You can find digital signs in public spaces, retail stores, transportation systems, stadiums, museums, restaurants, and corporate premises for the purpose of wayfinding, general info, marketing, exhibitions, and advertising. Primarily, digital signage is any size of a screen displaying any type of content…

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  • Taking Your Audiences to the Next Level

    … recently stripped back the amount of information you can get for free, but it’s still valuable). If you need some help pulling a profile together, Sam Noble linked to some great templates in her talk at Search Elite. Zazzle Media: Persona Template Xtensio Persona Creator HubSpot’s Persona Docs Once you’ve pulled together as many pen portraits…

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  • 5 Psychological Principles to Improve Your Conversion Strategy

    … When it comes to conversions, your goal is a behavior. You can’t force or buy behavior (at least, not without violating some basic principles of marketing), but you sure can influence it. In order to be successful in your conversion optimization strategy, you need to be able and willing to get inside the mind of your user and guide them to convert…

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  • Adwords Optimization – The Ultimate Guide

    … Paid Media, Search Engine Marketing If you’ve ever run a Google adwords campaign, you’ll think that it’s either the best form of advertising money can buy or it’s the biggest waste of money you’ve ever spent. Depending on who you speak to they will tell you that Adwords was either the single best or single worst thing they’ve implemented…

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