Paid Search Advertising (Ppc)

  • Should I stay away from highly competitive keywords?

    … If you've used Google's Keyword Tool, you've probably seen the column called "Competitiveness," with levels low, medium, and high. The low. medium, and high are based on the competitiveness of a keyword among paid search advertisers. The more advertisers are bidding on a keyword, the higher the competitiveness. By itself, paid search…

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  • Paid search is still frustrating for searchers

    … the the advertiser pays off with. Take a look at this example of the results of a very specific Google search: Take a look at the ad that is highlighted in purple--it looks like a good choice and it is from the well-known retailer Target. But look what you get when you click on the ad: Target responds with an internal search-generated page that searched…

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  • The Science of Digital Marketing

    … visits, sales, leads and brand amplification? How do you achieve these goals when a true theory has been proved and to be followed? With so many blogs, resources and even credited educational courses how will we look back at our profession? Early on we were hackers and lowly linkers. Paid Search gave us a vertical to establish credibility…

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