Paid Search Advertising (Ppc)

  • Should I stay away from highly competitive keywords?

    … If you've used Google's Keyword Tool, you've probably seen the column called "Competitiveness," with levels low, medium, and high. The low. medium, and high are based on the competitiveness of a keyword among paid search advertisers. The more advertisers are bidding on a keyword, the higher the competitiveness. By itself, paid search…

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  • Paid search is still frustrating for searchers

    … When I speak to groups, I often ask how many people never click on paid search ads and many hands go up--usually half the room. It ain't true. Estimates are that around one-quarter of all search clicks are on paid search ads and it is 100% of Google's search income, so most people click on ads at least once in a while. But people raise…

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  • The Science of Digital Marketing

    …. But, still no sanctioned (and controlled) association for publishing advancements in the field. While still young, Social Media and Digital PR are not in a point in their evolution (or may never be) to be able to set forth general laws. And Analytics is merely a mechanism for observing all experiments. But then again, "If your experiment requires…

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