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  • 5 reasons advertisers should NOT ignore Bing Ads

    Gone are the days when Bing took years to catch up to the new and innovative applications Google had launched within AdWords. In recent months, Bing Ads has been able to quickly implement comparable tools and features — indeed, they even have some unique features that AdWords does not offer. Unfortunately, Bing is still often seen as the secondary choice when launching a paid search campaign.

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  • Here’s an AdWords script to fill empty ad groups

    … As you’ve probably noticed, Christmas is coming. It’s a busy time of year for many of us. But busy means both that it’s easy to make mistakes and that it’s important not to let them slide. That’s why it’s important to automate what you can: when it gets busy, mistakes can be caught — and even corrected — without taking up your valuable time…

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  • How do our biases impact PPC performance?

    … generally wondering if it’s even worth trying. I’ve always said that these are all reasons you should be in Bing Ads. As marketers, don’t we dream of finding that converting channel that our competitors aren’t in? Can we all agree to get on board here and give Bing Ads a shot? Unless you’re in my industry, in which case, just ignore all…

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  • The future of paid search buying

    … fashion using in-memory computing systems with active API data transfer. The future of paid search marketing superiority will be determined by the amount of information used to model decision-making scenarios and the ability to purchase and adjust bids in an entirely programmatic way. Yes, you read that correctly: in an entirely programmatic way. You’re…

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  • Boost your conversion rate by 45% today… no, really!

    … an ideal platform for high-quality conversion tracking. So, odds are, if you’re not tracking all your conversion actions in AdWords, you probably aren’t tracking them on your other marketing channels, either. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how effectively advertisers are tracking conversions in AdWords: After auditing more than 2,000…

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  • ‘Tis the season: 6 ways to prepare for holiday shoppers

    … ​Christi Olson is a Search Evangelist at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. For over a decade Christi has been a student and practitioner of SEM. Prior to joining the Bing Ads team within Microsoft, Christi worked in marketing both in-house and at agencies at Point It, Expedia, Harry & David, and Microsoft (MSN, Bing, Windows). When she's…

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  • Expanded text ads that kick butt

    … are effective. Don’t forget to build up fan base and recommendations on social to corroborate what you’re saying in other online channels (including ads). Remember: You have until January 31, 2017, to incorporate expanded text ads into your Google AdWords accounts. Good luck! Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author…

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  • 5 ingredients for writing the perfect expanded text ad

    … beneficial. What is the length of the perfect expanded text ad? Now that we have more characters, should we use all of them? Jon Diorio, a Google Group Product Manager for AdWords, said during his keynote at HeroConf London that merely filling the extra space with useless text, like by appending a dash and the name of the company to a headline, usually…

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  • Hot off the presses: Make heat maps for device performance

    … Heat maps are cool. Searchers’ behavior changes by hour and by day. Heat maps let you see the hot spots where you should fire up your bids — and the moments when you could save cold, hard cash by putting your ads on ice. I’ve shared a heat map-generating script with you before, but now the tech team at Brainlabs (my employer) has improved…

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  • Why all search ads seem the same (and what you can do about it)

    … there. Your paid search ad strategy goes way beyond the 140 text characters allotted to you. It starts with that, sure, but the entire architecture of your ad from the text to the extensions should all support a strategic message about your brand, its products or services. So in this post, we’ll look at some of the steps you can take before you type…

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  • Pull live inventory data from your product database and place it in your search ad copy

    … are listed here. About The Author Jason Puckett is the CEO & Founder of AdBasis. Ad creative optimization is the name of Jason's game. AdBasis is an A/B and Multivariate testing platform for search, social, display, remarketing & mobile ads. Jason is a digital marketing strategist, ad optimization expert and conversion rate enthusiast. AdBasis has helped over 1,000 companies improve their paid media through creative testing. …

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  • Using PPC brand protection to decrease campaign costs by 51%

    …; and campaign costs decreased by 51 percent. New brand protection data Since finishing the series in May, I found new data discussing the importance of protecting branded searches. Merkle published this data in their Q2 Digital Marketing Report, which analyzed their clients’ search activities in Paid Search, SEO and social media. A few highlights…

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  • The eerie future of AdWords targeting

    … “OK Google, tell me how creepy things are going to get.” How would your 2006 selves respond to our advertising toolbox of today? Much of what we internet users and advertisers deem as normal would have been considered creepy or just plain impossible 10 years ago. With demographic targeting for search, cross-device attribution and much more…

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