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    • What the data tells us about the death of exact match and its impact

      On March 17, Google announced an adjustment to the functionality of our beloved match types, effectively changing exact match into semantic match. For example, [new york flights] could potentially show for flights to new york, since the presumed intent is the same. The change affects two major parts of what we advertisers have historically loved about exact match: preserving ...

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    • 2017 SEM growth hacks: Monster growth from brand protection

      Today’s article presents one of the more powerful search growth attack strategies for 2017: PPC (pay per click) brand protection. This article is the first in my eight-part series presenting SEM marketers with the most effective growth hacks for 2017. As CEO of the ad monitoring company, The Search Monitor, I see the ads, campaign strategies and performance results from age ...

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  • Evaluating PPC talent, part 1: Where to begin

    The simple truth is that anyone working in any paid media field (like search or social) is incredibly hard to evaluate from the outside. Apart from looking at their current employment status, where do you even start? Finding strong PPC talent is challenging, especially if your business is new to paid advertising and has nobody in-house with the technical expertise to validate ...

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  • Going global: Common sense considerations too commonly ignored

    … synonyms, misspellings, secondary definitions and search query reports in an effort of laborious discovery. Keywords are the foundation of our paid advertising, and keyword review is always healthy practice, but too many hours are exhausted hunting keywords with minimal yield at the expense of the lowest-hanging expansion fruit of them all: actual…

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  • Listen to your mother: Win Mother’s Day with humor and timing

    … This Mother’s Day, the moms we celebrate are as diverse as our American families. So why stick to the same old marketing tactics you’ve always used? Let’s make this year even more special (and successful) with some lesser-known tips and advice based on research compiled by my data scientist colleagues at Bing Ads. Did you know that 87 percent…

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  • Getting the most bang for your buck: 11 CRO opportunities

    … mobile-friendliness. Establish credibility and develop trust. One of the best lessons I’ve ever learned was from a paid search client. They said, “We don’t include the word ‘trust’ in our ads because we don’t believe that we can simply tell someone to trust us.” While I won’t make a case one way or the other for using the word in your ad copy…

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  • How to decide ‘Should I bid?’

    …-matched)? Are competitors bidding on your brand required to pay a lot (due to low Quality Scores on their ads)? Do you typically get organic sitelinks on a brand search? For paid search brand queries, are you using a landing page that is different from your home page (a popular tactic that is usually undertaken after testing shows higher conversion…

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  • Beware these 7 sneaky PPC attribution tricks

    … heavily pulls attribution credit away from channels outside the PPC campaign itself, especially in companies that have strong natural audiences from other advertising and/or a long history in business. Recently, we found a large campaign spending 24 percent of its dollars just on this type of spend. In short order, we were able to bring that down to 9…

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  • Seriously, Google, can you just make exact match exact?

    … will in the short term. But long-term, removing this control will only mean that sophisticated advertisers see lower ROI from the platform and therefore move budget to other channels. Why mess with a formula that’s winning for everyone? Don’t get me wrong. I love Google. Its products are amazing, and I’ve built a business on the back of the company’s…

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  • SEM account management: How to improve account performance

    …). This agency was bidding, broad match, on perfectly reasonable terms like “advertising agency,” “marketing companies” and so forth. I pulled a “search query report” from AdWords to see what actual searches had matched on their keywords, and — I’m not making this up — they had paid recently for a click on the search “toilet seat.” How that matched…

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  • What happens when Google pushes into branding and messaging?

    If you’re in the business of marketing, you know how important branding is to your clients. And this is true whether it’s a print campaign, direct mail campaign, email campaign or pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. No matter which marketing channel you use, you and your client want tight control over the look and feel of your marketing collateral.

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  • A proven method for building a strong PPC account team

    … As director of services at an agency, one of my main responsibilities is creating account teams for new clients and making sure existing teams are properly resourced. At Hanapin Marketing, we staff account teams according to the philosophy of available capacity, and we believe that achieving the best possible fit is the first step towards…

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