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    • Phrase match is dead. Long live phrase match!

      When Google launched their broad match modified match type some years ago, some marketers hailed the demise of phrase match as something of a foregone conclusion. Many, ourselves included, quickly shifted gears and rolled out new campaigns using a combination of broad match modified (BMM), exact match and negative match keywords. And others did not. Let’s consider why we did this.

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  • The YouTube Ads perk you didn’t know existed

    … It should be no surprise to anyone that online video consumption has exploded in the last five years. YouTube is the second most trafficked site globally, according to Alexa rankings (behind Google Search, of course), and it has over 1 billion active users on the platform. That’s roughly one-third of all internet users around the world. One…

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  • Competitive analysis: Making your auction insights work for you

    … Oh, the auction insights report. You want to love it because it comes straight from AdWords, while most other competitive data comes with a grain (or maybe a pillar) of salt. Yet, while the information in this report is all nice to know, it might not seem to be immediately useful. Don’t throw in the towel too soon, though — with auction…

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  • A search marketer’s view of Facebook’s advertising platform

    … I’ve been doing some work recently for a non-profit working on hurricane relief in Texas, TeamRubiconUSA. I consider myself mostly a paid search guy, but amidst a pretty chaotic week, I’ve found myself helping out running paid social campaigns on a variety of platforms, including Facebook Ads. As the old saying goes, “When the enemy comes over…

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  • Optimize your GDN accounts with more hidden gems

    … AdWords remarketing code had been stripped from some web pages. It’s true that Google Analytics code can get accidentally stripped from web pages just as easily. But the difference is that when that happens, your PPC team won’t be the only ones affected. Other stakeholders, such as SEO and email marketing teams, will also witness the decline…

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  • Critical tips for navigating difficult client relationships

    … and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Jeff Baum is Director of Services at Hanapin Marketing and a seasoned PPC advertising professional with Hanapin Marketing. a 13 year track record of success in digital advertising. He has developed and implemented strategies to substantially grow revenue…

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  • Evaluating PPC talent, part 2: The test

    …, they will dig into topics like the following: Suggestions on how to re-allocate budget for efficiency. For search, this might mean indicating search impression share. For social, this might mean indicating audience size and daily budget. What channels should be tested, given the business goals? Also, did they ask you about the primary KPIs for your ad…

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  • Bridging data and action: How to create killer reports

    … is for the marketing manager and the other is for the CMO, it may be pertinent to keep the CMO’s report distilled so that he or she isn’t overwhelmed with information that he or she isn’t interested in. Now you have your report, but so what? If your reports aren’t getting the attention that they deserve, and you’ve already tackled the steps listed…

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  • Site optimization or traffic optimization: Which delivers better results?

    …) for almost a decade, I’m also a very practical sort of guy. CRO is a great idea, but sometimes you have to pick your priorities as an online marketer — especially if you’re in charge of marketing a smaller business with limited resources. For marketers in this sort of situation, choosing where to spend your time is just as important as choosing…

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  • How important is Google Shopping for retailers?

    … With the recent decision by the European Commission (EC) to levy a massive $2.7B fine on Google for unfair practices, a light was shined on the comparison shopping engines that have lost out over the past few years as searchers have increasingly used Google alone for product browsing. The EC determined that Google’s placement of Shopping Ads…

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  • Disclosure and transparency: The agency/client relationship twins

    … There is an old joke about what to do if you’re ever stranded on a desert island with only a pack of cards: The answer is to start playing solitaire, because sooner or later someone will lean over your shoulder and say, “Why don’t you put that red seven on that black eight?” When we structure our marketing campaigns, either alone or as a well…

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  • 2017 growth hacks: Use affiliates to improve PPC reach

    … if affiliates are not following your rules. How will you know if this strategy is working? Below are signs that your plan is working: Your traffic increases from the paid search channel. Your reach increases — your ads appear on more search results. You see fewer competitors on your brand terms. Your CPC (cost per click) decreases — our clients expect…

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