Paradigm Shifts

A paradigm shift (or revolutionary science) is, according to Thomas Kuhn, in his influential book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962), a change in the basic assumptions, or paradigms, within the ruling theory of science. It is in contrast to his idea of normal science. According to Kuhn, "A paradigm is what members of a scientific community, and they alone, share" (The Essential Tension, 1977). Unlike a normal scientist, Kuhn held, "a student in the humanities has constantly before him a number of competing and incommensurable solutions to these problems, solutions that he must ultimately examine for himself" (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions).
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  • What’s the Difference Between a Successful Business & a Failing Side Project?

    Click play on the video above. It’s short and sweet and shares one of the most important paradigm shifts you could have early on in starting a business. It’s ok, you can watch it. I’ll wait. It’s only 3 min. Ok, let’s talk about this a bit. This is the first lesson in one of our most popular courses here at Fizzle. (You can find a link to that course below with some other resources).

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