• Parse Reminds Developers About Jan. 30 Shutdown

      Parse co-founder Kevin Lacker issued a reminder that the cloud application platform is shuttering Jan. 30. Facebook announced last January that it was pulling the plug on Parse—which it acquired in April 2013—to focus more resources on “high-impact products and services in areas like analytics, monetization, discovery and authentication.

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  • Here Are the Alternatives to Push Notifications via Parse

    … Developers who relied on Parse for their applications’ push notifications won’t be left in the cold. Facebook may be pulling the plug on Parse Jan. 28, 2017, but Parse announced in a blog post that its recently announced open-source back end, Parse Server, now supports iOS and Android push notifications. Parse also said it is introduced…

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  • Facebook To Pull Plug on Parse

    … interface will continue to operate as usual based on your new database, so this can happen without downtime. Second, we’re releasing the open source Parse Server, which lets you run most of the Parse API from your own Node.js server. Once you have your data in your own database, Parse Server lets you keep your application running without major changes…

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  • Parse Creates Open Source Hub

    … includes community highlights to celebrate everything the community has contributed to make Parse even better. As we continue our commitment to open source, we’re excited to both help you create the most awesome apps you can, as well as learn new things from the contributions that developers like you make to the platform. Developers: What are your initial thoughts on Parse’s Open Source Hub? …

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  • Parse Releases Software Development Kits for Apple Watch, Apple TV

    … Facebook’s Parse announced Monday the launch of software development kits (SDKs) for Apple Watch and Apple TV, allowing developers to create apps for these platforms. The Parse SDKs for Apple’s tvOS and watchOS 2 puts the power of Parse in developers’ hands for the Apple TV and Apple Watch. Parse wanted to make it easier to create native…

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  • Bing Announces Support for Facebook’s App Links

    … to continue investing in the App Links ecosystem and add App Links support to more Facebook products and services. We recently made it simpler for advertisers on Facebook to deep link directly to their content from mobile app install ads. For example, a travel app can run a Facebook ad promoting a trip to San Francisco, and then send people directly…

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  • F8 Registration Now Open

    … Facebook announced last month that it was expanding its F8 global developer conference to two days, and registration is now open for the event, to be held March 25 and 26 at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. The social network limits the number of tickets, but developers who are unable to attend can also register to follow F8 online, where…

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  • Facebook Highlights 2014 Hacks

    …, Facebook started the @Scale technical conference series for engineers who build and maintain systems that are designed for scale. After hosting several smaller data-, mobile-, security- and sustainability-focused events at Facebook in Menlo Park, we put on a multitrack event at the InterContintental Hotel in San Francisco with speakers from 16…

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  • Vevo Taps Parse Push

    … Music-video provider Vevo turned to Parse Push to help alert its users about videos that match their interests. Nancy Xiao, part of the developer marketing team at Facebook-owned cloud application platform Parse, wrote in a blog post: With countless players entering the music technology space each day, one has remained the absolute leader…

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  • Parse Crash Reporting, Local Datastore for iOS Debut

    … Facebook-owned cloud application platform Parse announced the launch of Parse Crash Reporting and Parse Local Datastore for iOS. Facebook software engineer Islam Ismailov provided details on Parse Crash Reporting in a blog post: In the past, we’ve seen Parse developers use third-party crash-reporting tools, but this approach required…

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  • Parse Reports Explosive Asia-Pacific Growth

    … Facebook-owned cloud application platform Parse touted its strong growth in the Asia-Pacific region during the first half of 2014 in a blog post by its founder and CEO, Ilya Sukhar. According to Sukhar, active apps on the Parse platform grew by nearly 90 percent in the region during the first six months of the year, and apps that use all three…

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  • Parsing Parse’s worldwide growth

    … Parsing Parse’s worldwide growth Parse, the app development platform Facebook purchased last April, is seeing some incredible growth worldwide. Parse CEO Ilya Sukhar recently shared some statistics about Parse adoption outside of the U.S. For instance, active apps in Asia grew nearly 90 percent during the first half of the year. The number…

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  • Best Practices for Parse Push Experiments

    … Facebook-owned cloud application platform Parse announced the launch of its Parse Push Experiments earlier this month, aimed at allowing developers to incorporate A/B testing into their apps’ push notifications. Facebook data scientist John Myles White offered some best practices for developers using Parse Push Experiments, as well as a video…

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