Passbook is an application in iOS that allows users to store coupons, boarding passes, event tickets, store cards, 'generic' cards and other forms of mobile payment. It was designed by Apple Inc. and announced at the 2012 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 11, 2012. The application was released with iOS 6 on September 19, 2012.
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  • 9 Keys to Launching a Successful Beacon Program

    … launching an app for the first time. Before launching a storewide trial, or building an app from scratch, run a ‘trial by aisle,’ or at the checkout counter with a third-party app like Passbook for iPhone, to get an idea on the return. A small scale pilot with a third-party app can go a long way in understanding how your costumers will engage…

    Stephanie Miles/ Street Fight- 18 readers -
  • SMBs Should Jump On The Mobile Payments Train In 2015

    … include coffee, drinks or snack foods, clothes, shoes and jewelry and groceries. Early adopters of mobile payments from the merchant side have had great success – at Starbucks, for example, 15% of revenue is from mobile payments and that number is growing at 20% per quarter. Local Retailers And Mobile Payments Consumers already use their phones…

    Wesley Young/ Marketing Land- 17 readers -
  • My First Day with Apple Pay

    … worked, as well. Drinks and snacks in hand, we meandered for another half inning before returning to our seats to watch Salvador Perez put the only run on the board for the Kansas City Royals that night. (Madison Bumgarner, you’re not half bad.) The Royals fell 7-1 at their first World Series appearance in 29 years. And Apple Pay was two for three…

    Kim Mcreynolds/ Adknowledge Blog- 11 readers -
  • Apple likely to bring Apple Pay to iAd

    … Apple just made Apple Pay, its new mobile payments system, available to consumers, but the company already has plans for using the service to bolster iAd, its mobile ad network: A new feature would integrate Apple Pay with Apple’s iAd mobile ad network in the form of a tap-to-buy button embedded in mobile ads, according to those familiar…

    John Mcdermott/ Digidayin Mobile Facebook Twitter- 12 readers -
  • Apple Pay + Email: Reducing the friction to purchase

    … Yesterday Apple announced that Apple Pay will arrive on Monday October 20th along with the iOS 8.1 update. This is exciting for marketers and further puts an emphasis on the ever-growing importance of mobile. With Apple Pay, consumers can complete purchases by simply scanning their finger on their iPhone (6 or 6 Plus) or iPad (Air 2 or Mini 3…

    Ronnie Brant/ Movable Ink Blogin EMail- 14 readers -
  • 5 Ways The Apple Watch Changes Marketing

    … material that promotes your current phone apps should now mention your smartwatch app as well. 2. Payments Retailers that have not yet upgraded their payment systems to accept NFC payments will want to get ready for a surge of young customers eager ditch their credit cards in favor of arm-waving checkouts. Apple Watch, like the iPhone, has a Passbook…

    Daniel Cristo/ Marketing Landin Social Facebook Twitter- 29 readers -
  • Apple Pay is as simple as click, swipe and — Low Battery

    … our wallets. Hold it with your finger on the Touch ID, wave it over the terminal and the app does the rest. “You don’t even have to look at the screen to know your payment information was successfully sent. A subtle vibration and beep lets you know.” Now they’re just pandering. Convenience is fine but when you talk about money changing hands you…

    Cynthia Boris/ Marketing Pilgrim- 8 readers -
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