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    • Don’t Be Your Own Boss. Be the CEO.

      I used to think that, as an entrepreneur, being your own boss and being the CEO of your own company were the same thing. I was wrong. By definition, the CEO, or Chief Executive Officer, is someone who is the most senior corporate officer in charge of managing an organization. Depending on the legal structure of the company, the CEO also reports to the board of directors and ...

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    • My September 2016 Income Report

      Latest Goings-On in September “Do you remember the twenty-first night of September?” Bonus points for anyone who knows that reference September was a great month, which started with a family trip to Disneyland. Yes, we visit Disneyland a lot, but not always to just walk around the park. Sometimes we run! This time, my wife was signed up to run the Disneyland Half Marathon.

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    • 5 Reasons Why It Took 5 Years to Build My Team

      For the first five years after starting my online business, I did about 99 percent of the work on my own. There were a few one-off projects here and there that I had help with, such as getting voiceover work done for my study guide at (which I actually did try to do on my own at first), but beyond that, it was all me. I set up my own websites. I customized the themes.

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  • The Moment That Defines You as An Entrepreneur

    … that. But, in my experience, one of the most powerful motivators of all is thinking back on that defining moment, which always reminds us of why we do what we do. Why do you do what you do? Is it for a better future? For your family? For me, I strive forward and focus on my defining moment for a better future, for my family, and for the goal of challenging…

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  • My August 2016 Monthly Income Report

    Latest Goings-On in August The biggest announcement in August was the brand new SPI Pro Theme, which became available for WordPress users worldwide this month. Through a partnership with the team over at StudioPress, we were able to re-engineer the SPI theme that was used on this site between 2013 and early 2016 to one that could be distributed as a downloadable WordPress theme.

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  • My July 2016 Monthly Income Report

    … I really loved it so much, but also the fact that I wouldn’t have been in Hawaii with my family on a weekday in the middle of summer with no worries about my financial life and business if it weren’t for the fact that I was let go. It really brought my whole journey around full-circle for me, and made me appreciate all that I had earned over…

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  • How to Not Let Fame & Fortune Go to Your Head

    …. People are changed by success. Some for the worse and others are capable of staying humble and keeping a healthy perspective. But I think that change is a necessary part of growth. When you scale a business, for example, things have to change as you grow and succeed. You have to adapt to all the change that’s happening around you. As Ramit Sethi…

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  • Today Is the Day! Come Celebrate Let Go Day with Me!

    … Today is a very special day. It’s Let Go Day! Thank you so much for celebrating with me! Let Go Day marks the 5-year anniversary of the day that I learned I was going to be let go from my architectural job, a job that I worked incredibly hard for, was accelerating in and loved. On June 17th, 2008 my entire life changed. At the time, it felt…

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  • The Effect My Kids Have Had on My Business

    … My kids have changed me, and they’ve changed my business. It has been an incredible challenge to balance being a parent to little children and being a parent to a business too, but despite the challenges I can definitely say that my kids have made an extremely positive impact on the growth of my business and who I am as a person. This isn’t…

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  • My New Book ‘Let Go’ Is Now Available!

    …) At the end of Let Go, you’ll see some information about joining my book club which will give you access to a couple of bonus extended-length video interviews. And for those of you wondering about a blooper reel, you’ll definitely see one in my upcoming monthly income report! And last but not least, thank you so much for your support – this has been an amazing journey and I hope my snippet inspires you in some way. Please help spread the word and share this post around today! Click here to share a tweet right now! …

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