A patent (/ˈpætənt/ or /ˈpeɪtənt/) is a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention. An invention is a solution to a specific technological problem and is a product or a process. Patents are a form of intellectual property.The procedure for granting patents, requirements placed on the patentee, and the extent of the exclusive rights vary widely between countries according to national laws and international agreements. Typically, however, a granted patent application must include one or more claims that define the invention.
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  • Supreme Court releases printer cartridges from patent prison

    … that could refill your old cartridges at a fraction of the price of buying a new one. For years the printer companies battled with these services claiming refilling the cartridges violated their patents. Yesterday, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that argument was invalid. The ruling stemmed from a lawsuit brought about by printer manufacturer…

    Greg's Corner- 13 readers -
  • 4 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property as a Software Company

    … You are a small business owner, nowhere near the level of Apple or Google. So you don’t believe your brand requires a tremendous amount of protection. But your thoughts could never be more wrong. The logo that you created, the brand that you are developing, the concepts and software that you are producing—they all have value that is worth more…

    Growmap- 35 readers -
  • Is Google+ Without Authorship Worth Using?

    …, such as Internet marketing, IT, or entrepreneurship, there's a good chance your audience can't be reached through Google+. Why? Even three years after launch, Plus still has the steepest learning curve of any other social platform. Here are a few recent statistics from Social Media Today and We Are Social about the top demographics represented on Google…

    MarketingProfsin Social SEO Google Facebook Twitter YouTube- 7 readers -
  • Android’s New Feature Paves Way for Apps Replacing Web

    …, the technology may be related to a 2011 patent filed by Google called "Customizing Mobile Applications," in which Google patents the process of customizing mobile apps based on user preference and device information. How Might App Trials Replace Websites? Native app usage continues to dominate mobile Web usage, with the percentage of time spent…

    Dan Cristo/ Search Engine Watchin SEO Google- 8 readers -
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