Paying It Forward

  • What Is My Life For? Discovering Your Purpose in the New Year

    … if you let it. It’s a new program called ‘What Is My Life For?’… And you can get all of the details on this page (and hear my ‘Why’ behind this program in this video). I really hope you’ll join us so that you can enter 2016 with a REAL sense of purpose. I’m honored and humbled to be surrounded by some true masters when it comes to this conversation… You can learn all about them and what they will be teaching on this page. See you there! With so much love, …

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  • 4 Crucial Qualities to Consider When Choosing a Mentor

    … me know what your monthly income goals are (for starters), and you’ll learn more about me in the video there as well. And, if it turns out we’re on the same page, I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your dreams. Have questions? Please leave them (as well as your thoughts and feedback) in the comments below. I always love…

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  • What’s Your Legacy?

    … people if she was anywhere near their neck of the woods when she was traveling for business. I watched her take on being the main breadwinner of the family while at the same time mowing the lawn, taking us on amazing ski trips and vacations all over the world, coaching our soccer teams, and just being an awesome mom in every way. And the list goes…

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