• How to Identify If Your Site is Filtered or Penalized

    …; A hacker attack toward the website is a cause of the sudden penalty. Opt for Google analytics to analyze the SEO practices and see if that has really happened; Appropriateness of the web hosting is also important to maintain a high site ranking. Google has even made SSL certificates for that purpose etc. These are the most popular reasons…

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  • Google Kills Two More Link Networks

    … releases a statement about it (although Barry Schwartz tweeted Karolina Kruszyńska asking if she would name the networks). Google previously targeted Polish link networks back in February in their international links crackdown, which saw many countries targeted for unnatural links. Bartosz Góralewicz ‏was the first to notice the link network penalty…

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  • New Google Payday Loans Algo Update Coming Soon

    New Google Payday Loans Algo Update Coming Soon June 12, 2014 at 9:12 pm PST By Jennifer Slegg If you compete in one of the highly competitive market areas that is targeted by Google’s Payday Loan algorithm, be prepared for the next update this week. Although it has been less than a month since we last saw the Payday Loan Algo get refreshed, Matt Cutts announced at SMX Adva ...

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  • Hit With Google Manual Action Penalty for Links

    … Thumbtack’s Manual Action If you do a search for “Thumbtack”, you will not find them anywhere in the Google search results… nor will you see them for any of the estimated 25,000 keywords they were previously ranking for. They have been hit with a manual action penalty courtesy of Google. Thumbtack does not rank for their own brand name, which…

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  • What If You Didn’t Recover From A Penguin Attack

    … For over a year we all waited. Impatiently mind you … but we waited nonetheless. Knowing that with a Penguin-based penalty (or devaluation if you prefer) victims had no hope of relief until the next regardless of their actions, it was a very very long wait. And then the Penguin refresh began and the results were in. But what if you didn’t…

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  • Google Confirms Penguin Refresh Needed to Recover

    … It has long been debated whether a Penguin update is needed in order to recover from a true Penguin algo hit, or whether it is possible that you can recover despite the fact we haven’t seen a Penguin refresh for almost a year. General consensus is that an update is needed, but there are those who argue and insist otherwise. A user…

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  • Google Takes Action Against European & German Link Networks

    … – which this European one likely is. Affected webmasters should start receiving their link penalty notices within Google Webmaster Tools soon, if they haven’t already. Carolina Kruszyńska and Johannes Mehlem from Google’s Search Quality team in Dublin have both confirmed the action against the link networks. We have taken action on one…

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  • On MetaFilter Being Penalized By Google: An Explainer

    … MetaFilter is a news and discussion site dating back to the early years of the web. Founded in 1999, it's attracting attention this week after coming forward about how a Google penalty has severely harmed its business, to the degree of having to let staff go. It serves as a poster child of problems with Google's penalty process, despite all…

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