Penguin 3.0

  • Penguin 3.0 Updates Continue To Penalize Black Hat SEO Strategies

    … online through external links. The update began in late October but continued to roll out over the following weeks through December. Surprisingly, Google has remained quiet about the update despite more than a year since their last rollout. The good news is that Penguin 3.0 seems to have only affected about 1% of English language queries…

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  • Is Google Penalizing Websites With Disallowed Pages?

    … Recently, I had a client come to me with a very interesting Google penalty. They had made a few changes to their site, nothing major, mostly tweaks to usability and layout. After these changes, their site dropped in rank. Curious, I went through each of their changes, a short list. Moving a button? Not an issue. Condensing a couple pages…

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  • Month in Numbers: October 2014

    I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking is it Christmas yet? I’m afraid, with heartfelt sorrow that it is not, in fact, Christmas. Fear not, here’s a Christmas countdown so you can countdown the days until the best day of the year ever. This is probably the last month of stats before I go into Christmas mode so enjoy it while it lasts.

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  • Don’t Get in a Flap: Your Penguin 3.0 Survival Guide

    …-correct. For those who didn’t watch How I Met Your Mother, an over-correction is what happens when you veer too far in the other direction in order to make up for a perceived mistake. If you dated someone who was overly chatty in the past for example, an over-correction would be dating the shyest person in the world who never talks. This happens…

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  • Penguin 3.0 is Here! Do You Need to Worry?

    … Posted by Katherine Verhoeven on Oct 20, 2014 | Tagged as: Tags: penguin 3.0, seo In the first time in over a year, Google has released a Penguin update –say hello to Penguin 3.0! Friday’s release is aimed at fighting spam on the web, but as many an SEO professional knows, Google can be notoriously ruthless when it comes to updating…

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