• Perfectionists Are Not Entrepreneurs

    … tried hard every day you might be able to get over it’ or ‘well I hope it doesn’t hold you back in life’. Perfection for me should be viewed as a fault not an attribute especially in the entrepreneurial world. The pursuit of perfection is akin to the pursuit of failure, because there’s no such a thing as perfect life or business. As an entrepreneur…

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  • Why You Should Publish Crappy Landing Pages

    … am I recommend you do the same? Watch this video to find out if there’s a good reason or if I’ve just gone mad: crappy-landing-pages So, a Funny Thing Happened… I made this video, wrote this quick post and I was ready to publish it right away. But then I didn’t. Not because of undue perfectionism (for once), but because it dawned on me…

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  • 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Successful

    … moments are gone and the future will eventually show up as another moment of now. Success starts at this very moment, with the choices you make right now. Practice presence. Notice what’s around you, what you see, hear, taste and smell. Notice what you experience and interact with it. “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have…

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