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  • Brands Not Using Social Media Create Communication Language Barriers with Customers

    Have you ever tried to get somewhere in a car, on a bike or on foot and you find yourself constantly running run into roadblocks and detours? Chances are the roadblocks and detours made you feel quite frustrated. This is because there are barriers stopping you from getting to your destination of choice. Many brands are doing this same thing to their customers, audience and community today.

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  • An SEO Wedding Break

    This is probably the first time and the last time we’re going to ever have this. I hope you don’t take this in the wrong way, but I’ll have to take a break. It’s my wedding day tomorrow! I’ve been writing for SEO Hacker since April of 2010. I don’t write much – just once a week. But I try to deliver the best content I can. When I come back, we’ll continue on our SEO start-up series.

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