Personal Branding

Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personal-branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging. Personal branding also involves creating an asset by defining an individual's body, clothing, physical appearance, digital and online presence and areas of knowledge in a way leading to a uniquely distinguishable, and ideally memorable, impression.[citation needed] The term is thought to have been first used and discussed in a 1997 article by Tom Peters.
Posts about Personal Branding
  • A strategy to stay relevant in a tumultuous marketing world

    … in the digital age. How I wrote it, why I wrote it, and how you, too, can become known. A FREE overview of some of the key lessons from the book! Personal Branding Success in the Digital Age from Mark Schaefer Please enjoy a FREE CHAPTER of the new book > Free chapter of KNOWN Now, on to the podcast — KNOWN, or “GNOME,” as Tom refers…

    {grow}- 12 readers -
  • Why Use Snapchat?

    I’m a borderline millennial and all my friends don’t use Snapchat at all. They keep looking at me like I’m crazy when I mention it sometimes. When I do mention it, they keep telling me why I’m fussing all about it. It’s a weird world that we live in. Now that Snapchat is going public and they see the valuation since the press is eating it up, they are now asking me about it a ...

    Dennis Seymour/ Den's Blog- 10 readers -
  • Social media proficiency: A life skill?

    … By Mark Schaefer Over the past few months I have enjoyed working with Cisco and a project headed by the company’s director of leadership, Robert Kovach. I’ve been helping Robert with a program to coach Cisco executives with social media proficiency and on how they can become “known,” based on the principles of my new book which is cleverly…

    {grow}in Social- 12 readers -
  • Building a personal brand? Here’s why you need to ignore SEO

    … By Mark Schaefer I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about this idea of “personal branding” in the world today as I prepare to launch an exciting new book called KNOWN: The handbook for building and unleashing your personal brand in the digital age. I was recently asked about the biggest decision that has helped me build my own personal…

    {grow}in SEO- 18 readers -
  • What it’s like to be hugged by a brand. Literally.

    … By Mark Schaefer Last week I was hugged by a brand. I’m serious — a literal, physical hug. I’ll tell you more about this unexpected embrace, but before I do, I need to explain why this gesture was so important to me, and why it should be important to you, too. P2P Since the first edition of The Tao of Twitter (2011), I’ve been writing…

    {grow}- 11 readers -
  • Personal Branding: How to Build Your Brand in 4 Simple Steps

    …When you think of personal branding, superstars come to mind—icons such as Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Kim Kardashian, and Ellen DeGeneres. With such giants in the public sphere, it’s easy to forget that personal branding doesn’t always result in national news coverage, a multi-million-dollar TV show, or a personal clothing line. Sometimes, the result can […]…

    Inklyoin How To's- 8 readers -
  • Voice from the trenches: Midway through writing a book

    … By Mark Schaefer I’ve been immersed in an exciting new project and it has literally taken up so much of my … well, my entire BEING, I suppose … that I thought I would give you a progress report. I’m writing a new book. I’ve been a prolific writer, publishing five books in five years (plus two updated editions, so really seven in five years…

    {grow} -
  • How to become an influencer (even if you’re a little guy!)

    …. Start small. Go for broke AFTER you’ve established a brand for yourself. This is exactly what I had done when I started blogging. I wrote primarily on Twitter because I was fully utilizing a very new platform at that time. Twitter was once a niche, believe it or not. Many still remember me because of how my articles have helped them and I’ve become…

    {grow}in How To's- 16 readers -
  • 10 SEOs who rock at personal branding

    … It’s getting harder and harder to market yourself as an SEO professional. Here are 10 personal SEO brands to learn from. SEO is one of the fastest growing industry. If hardly anyone knew it 10 years ago, these days it’s well-known (yet still hardly understood) and every other forum user is ready to announce himself an SEO expert. How to stand…

    Ann Smarty/ Search Engine Watch- 23 readers -
  • Why we create crap content: We’re afraid

    …. Afraid of standing out. Afraid of rocking the boat. Afraid being criticized. Afraid of not fitting in. Afraid of being a loose cannon. The social media/ content world is one of immense pressure for conformity because we want to fit in so we are invited to speak at an industry conference. Because we want to make a “list,” or gain a mention…

    {grow}in Content- 19 readers -
  • Brand Newsroom 109: Building a Personal Brand

    … View Larger Image Brand Newsroom 109: Building a Personal Brand Today Nic Hayes leads a discussion on personal brands. Specifically, how do you create one? What do you need to have in place to give your personal brand the best chance of creating the success you want to achieve? He’s joined by his Media Stable colleagues, general manager…

    Lush Digital- 8 readers -
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