• Why local matters, even for national advertisers

    … There’s been a lot of talk recently about personalization as Google, Facebook, and others continue to roll out new targeting features. These features like Customer Match and Custom Audiences allow advertisers to target consumers based on previous data captured. These targeting capabilities have been incredible at driving improved return…

    Jason Tabeling/ Search Engine Watchin Social- 22 readers -
  • Eight content marketing trends to think about in 2017

    …. Personalisation As marketers seek for relevance in their content marketing strategy, personalisation becomes crucial, narrowing down the audience to increase the effectiveness of a campaign. Content is not created anymore to reach a broad audience, but rather a specific target group, as this may be more useful for a brand trying to stand out from its…

    Search Engine Watchin Content- 35 readers -
  • How paid search and personalisation can work together

    … We don’t generally think of paid search as a great channel for personalisation, but increasingly, it’s becoming one. Caroline Reynolds, VP of Paid Search at iProspect, gave a presentation at the Content Marketing Association’s most recent Digital Breakfast explaining exactly how personalisation and paid search can work together. It’s never been…

    Search Engine Watchin Paid Search How To's- 10 readers -
  • Are your emails personal enough?

    When it comes to email content, we know that data is key to ensuring messages are relevant and engaging for those who are receiving them. Return Path’s new report in partnership with Ascend2: Strategies and Tactics for Data-Driven Marketing delves into the goals of B2C marketing influencers and how they are using data to improve their email strategies.

    Luke Richards/ Search Engine Watch- 30 readers -
  • How to use purchase intent for more effective keyword search

    … If you think the lowly keyword is dead, think again. Good research can help a business position itself with the the right content to engage the audience at different points of the consumer purchase journey. Have you experienced one or more of these problems with your SEO and PPC ads? • Your pages are ranking well, even at number one…

    Motoko Hunt/ Search Engine Watch- 16 readers -
  • How are beacons going to affect search marketing?

    …, we’ve largely been limited to areas defined by map coordinates for localisation. These are fine for locating buildings, but not so hot once people actually enter a space. Beacons have a big advantage here because they get that location down to an area a couple of metres across, and they allow you to transmit and receive data in realtime. If I’m…

    Matt Owen/ Search Engine Watchin Paid Search How To's- 26 readers -
  • When will responsive websites respond to user context?

    … Terms like “mobile first” and “responsive web design” sound dynamic and user-centric, but the reality is most mobile-first responsive websites are simply reformatting ubiquitous content to suit different devices. Goal of web (or app) advertising: right message, right person, right place, right time. Goal of website (or app) content: whoever…

    Search Engine Watchin Mobile- 21 readers -
  • 5 ways to use personalisation in your email marketing

    … Email marketing is about nurturing a connection with your audience. Personalising your emails gives you a cracking shortcut. How? Well, think about your own email habits. Given the choice between a generic email sent to every subscriber and an email that has been curated for your specific interests, which would you rather read? The stats fuel…

    Constant Contactin EMail- 22 readers -
  • Month in Numbers: January 2015

    …% of surveyed global marketers thought that the most exciting marketing opportunity for 2015 is customer experience. In terms of customer experience, the biggest opportunity here is…. you got it, PERSONALISATION. Seriously, it’s not going away. 38% of the respondents believe that ‘omnichannel personalisation will become a reality in 2015′, if you…

    Charlotte Hardy/ Attacat of Edinburghin Twitter- 28 readers -
  • Is Personalisation The Death of Exploration?

    … Personalisation has been one of the big trends in recent years, and I’ve worked with many brands who consider the personalisation of a customers’ digital experience to be key to their business and credibility. Many well known brands have been slow to get on board with personalisation, and in particular, working to adopt a multi-channel…

    Polly Pospelova/ State of Digital- 11 readers -
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