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  • 15 Thought-provoking quotes about innovation and success

    … … Malcolm Gladwell, best-selling author of many books including The Tipping Point Kevin Kelly, futurist and author of the new book The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future Tien Tzuo, Former Saleforce CMO and Founder of Zuora Here are some interesting quotes about innovation and success from their talks…

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  • Social media predicts the next Carpool Karaoke stars

    … By Hannah Chapple, {grow} Community Member Karaoke, anyone? Last week, Apple Inc. announced they’ve ordered a 16-episode Carpool Karaoke series from CBS to be hosted exclusively on their online music-streaming service, Apple Music. If you’ve never watched the Carpool Karaoke skit, well, you’re missing out — big time! The new Apple series…

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  • Exciting Millennial Marketers to Watch

    … By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist Sometimes it can be discouraging to watch marketers with a large following. “400,000 readers a month?” I sometimes think. “My blog will never get that sort of traffic.” And besides the slight feelings of inferiority that it can cause, most marketers with a large following have already found…

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  • The future of content marketing strategy

    … marketing topics such as: Why video rules as a content form and the demographic change driving growth in this channel. How to maintain a cost-effective content creation strategy The myth of audience overlap Why Jay has launched seven podcasts and his monetization strategy Why curation has opened up a new customer connection…

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  • The art and science of developing an enterprise content strategy

    …? Kevin: I think this will depend on a deeper reliance on data and technology. I think when we look at the changes in the platforms and evolving ways people use information, there’s more we can do. There are more ways to connect in this ecosystem of social networks — connect people to our own experiences. The information density you have written…

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  • How to make a living on Vine

    … from Vine!” and then it was “you are JuanPa Zurita” as if I was an artist they admire. Then I was asked to be on TV shows and attend meet-ups and conferences in different states in Mexico … Really crazy! And of course I started making money, not only with Vine, but also Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, because as Vine grew, my other social networks…

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  • Ian Cleary and the Art of Guerilla Networking Success

    … in Tennessee in between U.S. speaking events and I grabbed this opportunity to have him share some of his networking secrets through this short video interview. Ian’s keys to networking success A few of the topics covered in this video: Why Ian goes to conferences and doesn’t attend a single session How Ian uses free consulting opportunities…

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  • Unmarketing, Unselling and the Unmistakable Scott Stratten

    … Tricks. The always-entertaining Stratten gives us some insight into his new view of the traditional sales funnel in this short video interview. Click here if you cannot see the video interview with Scott Stratten. Book link is an affiliate link. The post Unmarketing, Unselling and the Unmistakable Scott Stratten appeared first on Schaefer Marketing…

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  • Why Ann Handley is the Queen of Content

    Ann Handley is one of the most interesting people I know. She’s an enigma. Which makes her interesting. Ann is undeniably among the social media elite yet down to earth and accessible. She is a consummate professional but would not hesitate to make a hilarious point by crawling on a stage like a tiger.

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  • An interview with the world’s youngest blogger

    … blog. If you have a word of encouragement for him please leave it in the comment section below. You can visit Martim on WordPress at The post An interview with the world’s youngest blogger appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. Related Stories Creating the beautiful blog with Stanford Smith Tapping into the pulse of social media in Asia An unexpected blogging journey with Jeff Bullas …

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  • Creating the beautiful blog with Stanford Smith

    … Click here if you can’t see the video interview with Stanford Smith of Pushing Social. I recently had a chance to catch up with Stanford Smith, one of the best social media marketing minds in the business and certainly the go-to-guy for all things blogging. Stan was the co-author of the best-selling book Born to Blog: Building Your Blog…

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