• 5 Ways Retailers Are Using Marketing Tech to Support Personalization Efforts

      5 Ways Retailers Are Using Marketing Tech to Support Personalization Efforts April 4, 2017 by Stephanie Miles Leave a Comment Filed Under: Features Personalization, or one-to-one marketing, has become a key element for marketers looking for ways to stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Eighty-six percent of consumers say retailer personalization impacts their purchasing ...

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    • How Brands Can Find the ‘Advertisable Moments’ They’re Missing

      There is no digital equivalent to primetime TV hours in the living room. Advertisable moments exist in a range of digital and physical contexts beyond TV sets and even beyond desktop browsers — and if a brand wants to capitalize on all available moments (especially those proverbial micro-moments) it has to look for ad opportunities in unexpected places.

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  • How to get evergreen results from your landing page optimization

    … testing, but landing page optimization is also intertwined with your personalization strategy. For many marketers, personalized landing pages are becoming more normal. And personalization opens the door to even more potential customer insights. Assuming you already have visitor segments, you should test the personalized experiences on your landing…

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  • Campaign Monitor VS MailChimp: How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Platform

    … automation and personalization has become one of the hottest digital marketing trends in 2017. You can use actions the subscriber takes within each email to deliver a tailored customer journey. Then personalize the emails with information you’ve gathered, such as age, gender, geo-location and transactional history. This strategy is producing amazing…

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  • Baking in “Intelligence” to Drive-to-Web Campaigns

    … and message delivery. Consider these best practices for enhanced drive-to-web ad campaigns: Understand the product. There needs to be an alignment between the messaging needed to describe the product and what it will take to get the consumer to go from awareness to action. Tailor messages to devices. Advanced analytics-driven campaigns will have…

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  • Point Inside Announces Personalization Tool for In-Store Marketing

    … As retailers grapple with how to meet consumer demand for more personalized mobile experiences, the in-store product location firm Point Inside is announcing a new service today that will leverage historical shopping information to allow retailers to serve shoppers more relevant deals on their phones. Point Inside’s new Deals Personalization…

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  • Ecrebo: Personalizing Your POS Experience

    …), M&S (department store) and PANDORA (jewelry). Ecrebo POS Marketing Features Targeted Coupons at Checkout – Deliver highly relevant, purchase-based offers and messages directly to in-store customers. Drive increase incremental sales, boost cross-category purchase, and enhance customer loyalty. Personalized Digital Receipts – Offer your…

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  • InMoment Study Reveals 6 Unexpected Keys to Personalization

    … to an issue that we don’t scream about enough – marketing is dependent upon a product meeting expectations and a customer service department providing exceptional support. If either is lacking, in this social world it will have a detrimental impact on your overall marketing efforts. The findings for improving customer experience utilizing personalization…

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  • 9 digital marketing trends to stay on top of in 2017

    …Reading Time: 8 minutes The experts weigh in on this year’s most important trends It’s January 24, and marketers are striding forward into 2017. This post is a collection of predictions from a few of our favorite digital marketing experts on the trends that you must pay attention to this year. From copy guru Joanna Wiebe, to Hubspot UX-pert Austin…

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  • Is Personalization the New Buzz for 2017? (Infographic)

    … On social media, there are core metrics marketers are well aware of, from simple clicks to more complex conversion data. However, raw data isn’t enough to power social campaigns anymore; users and potential customers want a better experience. An infographic from real-time marketing software provider Signal examines potential trends for 2017…

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  • Flurry: Mobile App Usage Increased 11% in 2016

    … Flurry Analytics released a new report, which analyzed the time users spent in mobile applications in 2016. The data showed that overall app usage in 2016 grew by 11 percent when compared to 2015, and that time spent in apps grew by 69 percent. Messaging and social apps saw year-over-year session growth of 44 percent, while personalization…

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