• Our top 7 blog posts of 2017

      Build the most effective personalization strategy: A 4-step roadmap Along with “artificial intelligence”, “personalization” has ...

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    • Connecting the Dots from Data to Better Customer Experience

      I love how Tom Fishburne aka marketoonist always does a great job of showcasing marketing truths. While the focus for marketers to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time is nothing new, it’s also safe to say that we have a lot of work to do. For example, I was recently in the position of having to look for a new external battery charger.

      Lee Odden/ TopRank®- 8 readers -
    • 6 Ways to Drive Loyalty with Intelligent Content

      What are your marketing resolutions for 2018? If “focusing more on existing customers” isn’t on your list, you might want to scribble that one down. In the long run, driving long-lasting relationships with existing customers can be more beneficial than trying to acquire new ones. Not only will they continue to buy from your brand, but loyal customers will acquire new customers for you.

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  • The One Marketing Buzzword You Should Actually Care About

    … Think back to the last time you had a terrible-no-good-very-bad-I-want-to-move-to-Australia day at work and needed to talk to someone about it. You may have turned to an amazing partner or friend who let you ramble on near endlessly and incoherently, asked appropriate questions at appropriate intervals, handed you Kleenex when needed…

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  • The future of marketing is about embracing chaos, scaling love

    … By Mark Schaefer Each year, it seems my content adopts a certain theme based on emerging disruptions in the marketplace. I think a theme is coming into view for the next year and beyond: Love, Chaos, and The Hyper-Empowered Customer. I’ve worked in marketing for more than 30 years and we are on the cusp of the most exciting changes I’ve…

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  • News Round-up: Personalization, Customer Data, and Video Power

    … of a longer successful subject line is, ‘For a Limited Time Save Over $874 on a Bowflex TreadClimber Machine’ at 69 characters. The amount of savings listed here is key to enticing subscribers to open the email. “ Accurate data key to effective personalization The last thing an email marketer wants to do is irritate the people who receive…

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  • How to escape Google’s filter bubble

    … For some people the personalization of their news apps and other content feeds online is a manual, conscious decision. They want to be displayed certain topics due to their interests, which is completely understandable. Cut through the noise by making sure that you get given what you want. For a lot of us, though, while personalization can make…

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  • What do we know so far about Google’s new homepage?

    …, and with Google Posts incorporated into this news feed, there are certainly elements reminiscent of a certain social network in Google’s new homepage initiative. Readers may also recall the launch of iGoogle in 2005, a similar attempt to add some personalization to the homepage. That said, it seems more likely that these changes have been rolled out…

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