• The Ultra Powerful 7th Principle of Persuasion

      You may have seen that Robert Cialdini, author of the marketing classic Influence, has a new book out. It’s called Pre-suasion, and you should read it. It’s all about setting the right context before you make the “ask.” (In other words, it’s all about content marketing.) Like his earlier book, it’s full of fascinating little insights that will be keeping marketing and copy ...

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    • How to Master the Art of Negotiation

      Chris Voss, best-selling author of Never Split the Difference and former lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI joins us for a powerful interview. For many, the idea of negotiating can be intimidating. Just thinking about it brings to mind ideas of stressful conflict between personalities and goals.

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    • Influence and Persuasion: New Insights From Robert Cialdini

      Do you want to persuade more people to become customers? Wondering what the latest science on influence and persuasion has to say? To discover new ways to prepare people for a sale, I interview Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of Influence and Pre-Suasion. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner.

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  • Why you need a signature story–maybe several of them

    …. If you haven’t written your signature story, use the guidelines here to get it done! Evoke emotions with a story One way to evoke emotions is with a story. The story can be specifically relevant to the product, but you should also have a signature story, one that shows your audience WHY you’re in business, why you want to help them. Your story…

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  • The Psychology Behind High Converting Sites

    … We all know the basics by now, right? Create a headline that hooks attention, display value with your CTAs, reduce distractions, simplify your pages so on and so forth. They’re actions well documented on sites like this and something we all know are conducive to better conversions. But the problem is, too many CROs are dependent on the test…

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  • Your Content Stinks Because It’s Missing These Elements

    … – some readers are impacted by trust, facts, efficiency, emotion of combinations thereof. Balanced content that contains all these elements will connect with more readers. Persuade Action – include content that drives persuasion – linking, reciprocity, consensus, scarcity, consistency, and authority. Personalize – people don’t turn their lives…

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  • How to Use Emotional Content to Engage, Inspire, and Persuade

    … Do you know which emotions will get your reader’s attention and pull her into your content? If not, how do you pin them down? And then once you’ve identified them, what do you do with them? Targeting your customer’s emotions in your content is a key content marketing technique that you can use to get your reader’s attention, keep her engaged…

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  • The Psychology of Selling Books with Sean D’Souza

    … Sean D’Souza is the master “Rainmaker.” Through years of experience studying human behavior, Sean has created a powerful business that teaches business owners — and authors — how to sell their wares and provide maximum value. The bottom line is that everyone who sells anything needs to understand how the human brain works, whether it’s a book…

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  • Call to Action: The Awesome Power of Asking for What You Want

    … of a Pink-Haired Marketer, host Sonia Simone talks about: The easiest copywriting “trick” she knows The persuasion step after you’ve built “know, like, and trust” What the smartest voices in the nonprofit world can teach us about the power of “campaigns” Why it doesn’t always matter if your organization is “for-profit” or “nonprofit” Why…

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  • Why a Unique Selling Proposition Contradicts Everyday Life

    … Once upon a time, there was a periodontist who attempted to state benefits instead of features, but he made a critical mistake … Listen in to Editor-in-Chief to find out what it was — and how it affects your business. In this 16-minute episode of Editor-in-Chief, host Stefanie Flaxman discusses: How a visit with a periodontist turned…

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  • 4 Big Takeaways From A Launch That Did 6x Expected Revenues

    … A few weeks ago I created and ran a small internal launch for a side-business I’m involved in. When the launch was over we tallied up the results and realized we’d done 6x what we’d originally expected. We also had a few statistics most people would consider “impossible”, such as… 70% open rates… 71% optin rates to a webinar 10% sales page…

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  • How to Apply the Psychology of Persuasion To YOUR Business

    … Robert Cialdini’s famous book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is a staple of any business-oriented must-read list. You’ve read the concepts before and you’ve probably even seen the full list of principles on numerous occasions. Reciprocity, Consistency, Social Proof, Liking, Authority, & Scarcity These principles tend to dictate…

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