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  • 25 BIggest Lead Generation Mistakes (& What You Do About Them!!)

    … ways of doing this is building up email subscribers. 6. Heidi Cohen – Actionable Marketing Guide, @HeidiCohen Lead generation is skipping the romance portion of the buying process. The objective is to turn hand raisers into satisfied customers. Here’s where marketers can go wrong. Don’t understand your target audience. This includes your…

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  • The Best Lead Generation Tips Ever

    … for marketing to drive stellar leads for sales is to deliver the right content to the right prospect at the right time. Mapping content to the buyer journey and then delivering it to the right prospects is the best way to drive effective sales-ready leads without wasting your sales’ teams time and you company’s money. 5. Heidi Cohen – Actionable Marketing…

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  • Content Marketing Lead Generation:  22 Expert Tips

    … about you just about your contest and that will not only waste your time down the line, but will skew any future metrics to the bad side. If you are going to run a contest, make sure there is some level of verifiable qualification. This will ensure the greatest quality of leads. 13. Arnie Kuenn Vertical Measures, author of Accelerate, @ArnieK…

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