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  • 25 BIggest Lead Generation Mistakes (& What You Do About Them!!)

    … for attracting, engaging and enticing leads. The tools just help you implement your strategy. 19. Phil Paranicas – ThomasNet I can’t tell you how many times I see poorly worded calls to action. Or, even worse – NO call to action! If the user has made it to your web page or blog – chances are they are interested, and maybe even in a buying position…

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  • The Best Lead Generation Tips Ever

    …. Phil Paranicas – ThomasNet Don’t “set it and forget it”. Your digital marketing strategy is a living, breathing, dynamic thing. You must measure activity and adjust your strategy accordingly on a regular basis. By studying the behavior of visitors, including the actions that they take, you will get critical clues on how to refine strategies…

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  • Content Marketing Lead Generation:  22 Expert Tips

    … planning, tracking, and measuring the results in a cohesive way. 16. Phil Paranicas, ThomasNet Make sure you have excellent, helpful and unique content. Then gate it. That’s right – give a little away for free but lock down your premium content such as white papers and studies. Make the full content available in exchange for the users’ name…

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