Phone Scam

    • Don’t buy a locked iPhone

      Previously, we’ve discussed the inherent problems with buying an iPhone through a less than reputable site like craigslist. Whether it’s an old scam like wiring the money to a seller, or a new one like the cloned knock off iPhone, there is a minefield of traps you need to avoid when buying one of Apple’s most coveted products used.

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  • Be careful of heating and power scams this winter

    … utility companies. They’ll then ask you to make payment either through wiring the money or a prepaid debit card, both of which are untraceable one the money has been taken. These are old-school style scams that resemble the modern phishing scams, but instead of using emails or social media it uses the age-old phone call. Much like the phishing scams…

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  • Con artists cashing in on the election

    … Con artists cashing in on the election With election season now in full swing, it has brought out all the liars, cheats and thieves, and that’s not just the candidates. *rimshot* Consumer Affairs is reporting that with such a heated presidential election, phone related election scams have increased by multitudes. As they point out the election…

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