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  • The Most Important Thing in Marketing Isn’t VR or AI

    … In recent weeks, Google and Facebook–both undeniable juggernauts in digital advertising–have gotten serious about the latest craze in technology. It has nothing to do with Pokemon Go or custom photo filters, nor does it rely on a new console or platform. During New York’s Advertising Week, both companies announced new offerings in the realm…

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  • Why Stories Are a Losing Battle in Instagram’s War with Snapchat

    … younger demo might be a fool’s errand considering Instagram’s demographic trends. Instead, Instagram might succeed appealing to mature consumers and coming up with features geared towards its key demo. Stories dilute what makes Instagram unique We take them for granted now, but Instagram’s filters were truly revolutionary. They drastically lowered…

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  • Instagram Update Will Take Advantage of iPhone 7 Plus Camera

    … At Apple‘s event in San Francisco Wednesday, Ian Spalter, head of design at Instagram, previewed an update coming to the photo- and video-sharing application later this year. With this update, when users activate the Instagram Stories camera on the new iPhone 7 Plus, they will see a zoom slider on the left side of the screen. The zoom feature…

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  • With Instagram’s Algorithm Change, Brands Must Double-Down

    …-specific content—which, in turn, drives engagement for Instagram–will be beneficial in the long run. Brands that align themselves with Instagram’s incentives will prosper. Use the platform’s tools to your advantage There are a number of tools on Instagram that brands can use to their advantage. Tags, hashtags, filters and locations all allow…

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  • High-Risk, High-Reward: Snapchat’s Advertising Revolution

    …. It reflected an understanding of who the users are and what they like, and in the process showcased Snapchat as a platform for brands to reach new audiences. It also enabled users to participate in an iconic Super Bowl moment using their mobile device. The World Wildlife Fund is another example. The nonprofit waged the #LastSelife campaign in order…

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  • Line Launches egg Selfie App on iOS, Android

    … Line launched egg, its selfie application, on iOS and Android. The app is similar to MSQRD and Snapchat in that it lets users add filters and special effects to photos and videos that can be shared with friends. With egg, users can browse a variety of 3-D masks, which are applied to their faces in real-time. Some masks may include special…

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  • Instagram Follower Growth, Engagement Continue Trending Down (Study)

    … studied by Locowise averaged 2.43 posts per day. Default was the most-used photo filter. 90.81 percent of posts published during April were images. Images engaged 1.07 percent of followers, while videos engaged 0.81 percent. Comments represented just 1.75 percent of total engagement, but 18.56 percent of all comments were posted on videos. Readers: Did any of Locowise’s Instagram findings for April surprise you? …

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  • How to Find Brand-Boosting YouTube, Instagram Influencers

    …, just 60 percent engaged customers on YouTube, while a paltry 23 percent used Instagram. Those numbers might make sense if YouTube and Instagram weren’t popular among consumers. But Instagram—brands’ least used channel—boasts 400 million monthly active users. Twitter—companies’ favorite social channel—reported only 301 million during the first…

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  • Report: Which Casinos Are Most Popular on Instagram?

    … A new report released by Casino Room revealed the most popular casinos on Instagram and the peak times when casino-related posts are shared on the photo- and video-sharing application. The report analyzed Instagram posts related to casinos in four gambling hot spots: Las Vegas; Atlantic City, N.J.; Monte Carlo, Monaco; and Macau, China…

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  • Fount Photo-Sharing App Lets You Buy Items While Browsing Pictures

    … Shop Your Way announced the official launch of its Fount photo-sharing and shopping application on iOS. The app allows users to browse photos and videos that contain products they can purchase within the app. With Fount, users can share images from their camera rolls or Instagram accounts, or take pictures within the app. Users can edit each…

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  • Line Launches Foodie Camera App for Taking Better Pictures of Food

    … Line announced the release of its new Foodie camera application on iOS and Android, designed to help users take better pictures of their food. With Foodie, users can take new photos within the app, or import images from their devices. Users can edit their photos by choosing from 24 filters or adding effects like auto-blurring, which focuses…

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  • Will You Make It Facebook-Official on Valentine’s Day?

    … More than 110,000 engagements became Facebook-official on Valentine’s Day 2015, and nearly 580,000 engagement life events were created that week (Feb. 14 through 20). Facebook IQ said in an email to SocialTimes that Valentine’s Day remains the most popular day for Facebook users to get engaged, followed by Christmas day, New Year’s Day…

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