Photovoltaic System

A photovoltaic system (informally, PV system) is an arrangement of components designed to supply usable electric power for a variety of purposes, using the Sun (or, less commonly, other light sources) as the power source.PV systems may be built in various configurations: Off-grid without battery (array-direct) Off-grid with battery storage for DC-only appliances Off-grid with battery storage for AC and DC appliances Grid-tie without battery Grid-tie with battery storageA photovoltaic array (also called a solar array) consists of multiple photovoltaic modules, casually referred to as solar panels, to convert solar radiation (sunlight) into usable direct current (DC) electricity.
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  • A Roundup of Solar Incentives for California Residents

    … Feed-In Tariffs for Solar Power California state law stipulates that if a home or business owner’s photovoltaic system generates more electricity than used by the household or business, then they can sell their excess energy back to the big utility companies. This program helps the utilities meet California’s renewable portfolio standard…

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