Physical Web

  • Will the ‘Physical Web’ Help Retailers Reduce Annoying Ads?

    Since its introduction into the retail world back in 2013, beacon technology has helped brick-and-mortar stores compete in a consumer climate that’s leaning overwhelmingly toward digital. At least, that was the intention But there have been some drawbacks to beacons, enough so that many franchise businesses have shied away from implementing them as an engagement tool.

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  • The Physical Web: How a New Type of Beacon Is Disrupting Proximity Marketing

    …, app and web, have strengths and both will flourish in the next few years, but it is the newer Eddystone-URL that is truly disruptive. This web approach, also called the Physical Web, follows the unstoppable trend toward lessening friction, and will ultimately be the dominant beacon technology. Marketers should be aware of this trend. What…

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