The Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) was a specification created by W3C that used metadata to label webpages to help parents and teachers control what children and students can access on the Internet. The W3C Protocol for Web Description Resources project integrates PICS concepts with RDF. PICS was superseded by POWDER, which itself is no longer actively developed. PICS often used a content labeling from the Internet Content Rating Association, which has also been discontinued by the Family Online Safety Institute's board of directors.Internet Explorer 3 was one of the early web browsers to offer support for PICS, released in 1996.
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  • “Shadow content policing” fears at ICANN 57

    … of their existing contracts on the basis that they dabble too much with content regulation. That’s mainly because new gTLD Registry Agreements all include Public Interest Commitments, which in many cases do actually give ICANN contractual authority over the content of web sites. Content-related PICs are most prominent in “Community” gTLDs. In the PICs…

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  • Big brands condemn “fraudulent” .feedback gTLD in ICANN complaint

    … The complaint alleges multiple breaches of the PICs in the .feedback ICANN Registry Agreement. The brands want ICANN Compliance to conduct a thorough investigation of .feedback, for all domains with phony Whois to be terminated, and for affected trademark owners to get refunds. They also want their legal costs paid by TLS. ICANN…

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  • Squabbling drug peddlers drag .pharmacy into brand bunfight

    … registries’ compliance with their contracts when they believe PICs have been violated. No PICDRP disputes have actually made it before a panel to date, to my knowledge. Indeed, this is the first time I’ve heard of anyone even attempting to file one, though ICANN Compliance reports indicate about 20 were filed last year. Merck KGaA claims…

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  • Fight as ICANN “backtracks” on piracy policing

    … rule means that registries breach their contract if they don’t suspend piracy domains. Both sides have different interpretation of the rule, found in the so-called “Public Interest Commitments” or PICs that can be found in Specification 11 of every new gTLD Registry Agreement. But ICANN chair Steve Crocker, in a letter to the IPC last night…

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