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    • How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest (Don’t!)

      Hashtags seem to be all the rage in social media marketing trends. On Twitter you can use hashtags to talk about trends with people around the globe. On Instagram you can use up to 30 to get discovered by fellow Instagrammers with similar tastes. Now even Facebook has jumped into the hashtag game. With so many other social platforms utilizing them, this raises the big question, ...

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    • How These 8 Bloggers Got Tons More Traffic From Pinterest

      Pinterest is amazing at driving organic traffic to blogs – tons of it. For many of our members Pinterest the #1 or #2 source of referral traffic to their websites. If you’re a blogger looking to get more traffic to your website, then look no further than Pinterest and these tips from folks successfully driving traffic every day.

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  • How to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins

    … If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest, you know that it’s all about beautiful Pinterest Pins. If you’re like many Pinners, you’ve spent more time looking than you have adding your own original content. It has been reported that up to 80% of the pins you see on Pinterest are repins. Given all of the beautiful images and useful information…

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  • Pinterest Site Verification: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

    … Verifying your site on Pinterest. Sounds like an overly-complicated, code heavy process and who really needs that, right? Well Pinterest site verification has many amazing benefits and doesn’t have to be hard at all! Adding your account to Pinterest gives you access to valuable business features. For example, you gain access to deeper analytics…

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  • Pinterest Strategy 101 – Creating Your Buyer Persona

    … REALLY is – and then get more of them! Learn more about Buyer Personas, building a strong content strategy, and how to create a successful wedding brand on Pinterest in Alisa Meredith and Jeff Sieh’s new Launchpad course, Pinning Weddings! Share this post on Pinterest! The post Pinterest Strategy 101 – Creating Your Buyer Persona appeared first on Tailwind Blog: Pinterest Analytics and Marketing Tips, Pinterest News - …

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  • How to See Individual Repin Counts Rather than Aggregate Repins

    … Back in Spring of 2016 Pinterest rolled out a change that meant users no longer saw the individual repin count for their Pins, but saw instead an aggregate of all of the repins that Pin had received across Pinterest. Pinterest’s Help Center announced the change saying: You’ll now see the total number of repins and likes the Pin has gotten…

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  • What Makes a Great Pin?

    … Pinterest analyzed dozens of potential features to determine what makes for a great pin. Four things stood out. Download this FREE guide to learn what they were! Click the image below to download the guide to making great pins: Posted by: // Pinterest 101, Pinterest Best Practices, Tailwind Blog // September 19, 2015 About Danny Maloney…

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  • How to Develop a Winning Pinterest Strategy from Scratch (Part 1)

    …Are you looking to market on Pinterest but not too sure where to start? In this series, I offer ten guidelines to help you develop a winning Pinterest strategy from scratch. 1) Decide Who Your Core Audience Is The first thing you need to do when developing a Pinterest strategy is to determine who your audience is and whether your audience…

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  • Pinterest Your Passion

    … In this post, Gretchen from Retired by 40 gives us a look into why you should embrace what makes you weird and share it with the world – using Pinterest, of course. Last week, while browsing inspirational quotes on Pinterest (of course), I came across one that was kind of a game changer: Whatever Makes You Weird Is Probably Your Greatest Asset…

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  • How to Use Likes for Pinterest Marketing – Quick Tips

    A social “like” may bring up images of Facebook marketing, but liking can be effective for Pinterest marketing, too. Ah, the “like”. To the Facebooker, it’s a part of everyday life. To the English teacher, it’s part of a simile. To my Father, it’s an annoyingly overused part of teenage speech. But what part does it play in Pinterest marketing? Below, we have 3 quick tips for ...

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  • Marketing with Pinterest’s Interests

    … Pinterest is all about interests – it’s literally in the name. Pinterest users collect things that are of interest to them. While a users’ “work” board and their “cat-lover” board may not seem all that related, Pinterest has come to understand that people have varying categories of interests. Marketers with an understanding of those categories…

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  • 5 Questions Pinterest Marketers Should Ask, But Don’t

    … trying to reach? It’s marketing 101, but with so many great images to pin, it can be easy to forget. You have to know what segment of the population you’re targeting if you want to be successful. You’re not trying to connect with everyone who has ever used Pinterest. Your products and services aren’t right for everyone – and that’s okay. Check out…

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  • How to Get Pinterest Followers

    … It’s the question on even the most cavalier marketer’s mind - how do I get Pinterest followers?? While there might not be a “get rich quick” scheme for gaining quality Pinterest followers, in this post we’ve outlined a few of the great ways to grow your profile. As sophisticated as many social marketers want to sound, social media always seems…

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