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    • Pinterest Visual Search and Shopping – Just in Time for the Holidays

      Just in time to attract new holiday shoppers to your store – brick and mortar or online – Pinterest releases five new ways to find products and ideas using visual search. While we can all enjoy the fun discovery made possible with these releases, we’re going to take a look at how retailers and marketers can make use of them as well.

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    • The Ultimate Pinterest Planner – Make This Your BEST Year on Pinterest

      Successful, profitable Pinterest marketing rarely happens by accident. Having a strategy, tools to optimize your time, and following a consistent routine are all vital to getting started, but over time, life tends to get in the way. And even though you might be getting traffic and leads from Pinterest, it’s easy to lose direction – Pinning without purpose and with no real aim.

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    • How to Use Pinterest Board Sections

      Pinterest board sections, a way for Pinners to organize Pins within Pinterest boards, were released to all of us in November. Those among us with a passion for sorting and filing jumped right on it. What better way to find exactly what you want when you want it than by dividing up a board with hundreds of Pins into logical sections? For instance, my secret board with hair idea ...

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  • Pinterest is NOT a Social Network [Why it Matters to Marketers]

    … In an interview with Fortune magazine, Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann said of the platform, “I think that’s a very different thing than a social network. The objectives of the two are different. On a social network, you upload photos for other people to like. Pinterest, on the other hand, is self-serving.” Truth! Facebook, Snapchat…

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  • How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest

    … It wasn’t long ago that the answer to “How do I use hashtags on Pinterest?” was, “Don’t!” Pinterest told us that hashtags didn’t work the way people expected, they could be confusing, and using them may even harm your reach. But in September 2017, all that changed. Hashtags on Pinterest are now a must! How Hashtags Work on Pinterest Hashtags…

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  • How to Find, Join, and Pin to Group Boards on Pinterest

    … of the most successful women in business. Tailwind Tribes save you time and maximize your reach on Pinterest. - @lifewiseladyClick To Tweet Get all the benefits of Pinterest group boards with the added advantage of accountability! Tribe Owners and Admins can see which Tribemates are sharing out as many Pins as they add in. If someone doesn’t hold up…

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  • How to Use Pinterest for Your Blog

    …) and don’t forget your keywords! Advanced Pinterest for Blogging Tip: Breathe More Life Into Your Content with Multiple Pins If you have a blog post that has done well on Pinterest and you want to give it new life, create a fresh new image for it and share that, too! If you have a blog post that lends itself to creating multiple sections (like this one…

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  • Why The Tools You Use on Pinterest Matter

    … of hours you have invested in Pinterest marketing and the way it supports your business, it is vital that you use only the best tools for the job. The Benefits of Using Pinterest-Approved Partner Tools in Your Pinterest Marketing Pinterest does not accept payment when awarding Partner status. Rather, Partners must provide a high-quality product…

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  • Hashtags on Pinterest?

    …, linked hashtags on your account today, according to Tiffany Black, Head of Content Business Development and Corporate Development at Pinterest, hashtags are: It is true that In the past, I think that we were dissuading people from using hashtags. We are actually changing that such that you can and are often benefited in the future by using hashtags…

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  • Does it Matter When I Pin to Pinterest?

    … an official Pinterest and Instagram partner, serving over 165 thousand businesses. We see a LOT of data (we’re talking billions of posts) across a wide range of categories. This allows us to spot trends it might otherwise be impossible to catch when looking at just one or a few accounts AND to make recommendations that will work for you. And because most…

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  • How to Boost Your Pinterest Blog Traffic with Infographics

    … your first infographic, it’s time to post it to Pinterest. When saving infographics to your Pinterest account, it’s important to optimize your boards. Name your infographic Pins something search-friendly, based on your Pinterest keyword search from before. You can create separate boards for your infographics, like “Business Launch Infographics…

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  • How to Book More Weddings with Pinterest

    … source is Pinterest! I know – many wedding photographers, venue owners, planners, and other wedding professionals have had it up to HERE with the “Pinterest wedding,” in which brides demand a picture-perfect special day on a DIY budget. But don’t let that prevent you from tapping into the power of Pinterest to work FOR your business! As you have…

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  • Pinterest Lens Gets a ‘Fashionable’ Update [video]

    …What is Pinterest Lens? Pinterest Lens is a visual search tool! If your iPhone or Android Pinterest app is set to English, you have it! “Lens” anything and get an array of suggested pins at your fingertips by going to the search function in the Pinterest app and tapping the camera icon. Enhancements to image recognition of food last month means…

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  • Creating a Weekly Pinterest Schedule – 4 Simple Steps

    … Are the visual search benefits of Pinterest driving customers your way? Hey, we all like more business. I’m Donna Hull, writer and co-owner of My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel. If you’ve seen increased website traffic from Pinterest like I have, it’s worth investing time on the platform. But—TIME. There’s never enough…

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  • How These 8 Bloggers Got Tons More Traffic From Pinterest

    … the Interwebs for people talking about Tailwind and there’s a lot of chatter from bloggers about the struggle to drive more traffic from Pinterest to their blogs, and how Tailwind is one of the strategies they use to do just that. Here’s some of the best of those recent blog posts. –> At the end of this post we’ll share a coupon for $30 off…

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  • How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest (Don’t!)

    … them, this raises the big question, “Should you use hashtags on Pinterest?” The short answer: NO. Click To Tweet While it’s tempting to cross utilize our favorite Instagram feature on Pinterest, we have to caution you. Do not use hashtags on Pinterest. Not only will they induce a headache figuring out, they could hurt your promotion efforts…

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  • What to Pin in November

    …With Fall well under way, Thanksgiving imminent and Christmas just around the corner, we help guide your Pinning for the month ahead by showing you what Pins performed best last November We analyzed all of the Pins from Tailwind members from November of last year and Pinned the ones that received the most Repins to our 11 “trends” boards – one…

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  • What to Pin in October

    …How far in advance should I Pin my fall content to Pinterest? In the springtime we Repin easter eggs, in the summertime we Repin swimsuits, and in the fall we Repin everything orange-colored and pumpkin-flavored. You’d think it would be pretty simple to answer the question of when to publish your seasonal Pins to Pinterest, unfortunately it can…

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