Pivot Tables

In data processing, a pivot table is a data summarization tool found in data visualization programs such as spreadsheets or business intelligence software. Among other functions, a pivot-table can automatically sort, count total or give the average of the data stored in one table or spreadsheet. It displays the results in a second table (called a "pivot table") showing the summarized data. Pivot tables are also useful for quickly creating unweighted cross tabulations. The user sets up and changes the summary's structure by dragging and dropping fields graphically. This "rotation" or pivoting of the summary table gives the concept its name.
Posts about Pivot Tables
    • How To Evaluate Your PPC Ad Rotation Settings

      March 28, 2017 Ad rotation is one of the forgotten settings. Everyone has a preference, “always rotate indefinitely” or “always optimize by conversions” but the chosen settings often reflect the manager’s default preference rather than the settings utility. Rather than a preference, the setting should be used as a tool and subject for further analysis.

      Jacob Fairclough/ PPC Heroin Paid Search How To's- 12 readers -
  • Six Actionable SEO Tips You Can Discover From Every SERP

    … SEOs rely on tools, data, numbers, metrics, reports, charts, graphs, and huge Excel spreadsheets bristling with pivot tables. We do love our data. But sometimes, the best information comes from the good ol’ eyeball test. One of the best eyeball tests is the Google SERP. Using information from the Google SERP, you can discover how your website…

    Neil Patel/ Search Engine Journalin SEO- 17 readers -
  • Account Structure and Reporting in Excel

    … account uses for separation of categories within your naming convention. For example, within this current account that would be: “_”, as seen below: Once complete, your Excel raw data sheet should now look like this: After this you can implement a few extra columns to contribute to pivot table formulas. The columns that usually get added to my…

    Jacob Brown/ PPC Heroin Paid Search- 14 readers -
  • Increasing PPC Efficiency With Excel

    … but there are many more, which can be found, here. (Note: when using a Mac, CMND will be used instead of CTRL) Select All: CTRL+A Navigate to the end of a column or row: CTRL+Shift+Arrow (using whichever arrow points in the direction that you are trying to get to) Select an Entire Column : CTRL+Spacebar New Pivot Table: ALT+NV Copy: CTRL+C Cut: CTRL+X…

    Amy Bishop/ Clix Marketing PPC Blogin Paid Search- 58 readers -
  • SEO: The O Is For Outing

    … about the concept of “outing” in the world of SEO. Quick disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Hotels.com, and Larry Kim is one of my favorite people in the SEO industry. A History Of Outing Larry’s posts are just the most recent in a long line of articles wherein SEOs and/or websites are busted for grey-hat and/or black-hat SEO strategies, typically…

    Search Engine Landin SEO Google Facebook Twitter- 19 readers -
  • #PPCFright2014 Day 10: Finding Casper, A PPC Account’s Friendly Ghost

    … missed in your quick sorting in the interface and you’ll find those really shy Caspers. Summary You don’t have to be scared of ghosts from your past, you just have to find the right ghosts. By getting all the data included, looking at the good times, and then sorting & pivoting you’ll find the friendly ghosts that will help you get more out of your PPC efforts. Be Sociable, Share! You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. …

    Robert Brady/ Clix Marketing PPC Blogin Paid Search- 14 readers -
  • Top SEO News Roundup Recap Digest

    …) to an Excel spreadsheet complete with pivot tables, vblookups, macros, conditional formatting and even Sparklines (very cool stuff). We de-dupe the articles that are basically regurgitations of the same tweet from that guy from the search engine. That typically reduces the list from about 360 down to five. The remaining articles are sorted based…

    WTFSEOin SEO Google- 6 readers -
  • Pivot Table Magic: Improve CTR in 5 Easy Steps

    … In today’s article I’ll be teaching a new skill in pivot table mastery which will help make you more efficient and effective when optimizing your Bing Ads or other digital marketing campaigns. The specific focus is uncovering low CTR search terms – as the most granular level of keyword match-based ad campaigns, search terms are where the majority…

    Gabe Kwakyi/ The SEM Postin Affiliate- 22 readers -
  • Uncover The Best Story: Tips For Finding A Narrative In The Data

    … if, for example, you only want to see rows referring to a particular product or date or time). You can do all sorts of calculations with relatively straightforward formulae (try a Google search for the formula you need – the Internet is full of Excel tutorials). And, if you’re lucky enough to have data in pivot tables, you can check and uncheck options…

    Anni Murray/ Visual.lyin Google- 8 readers -
  • 3 Nerdy PPC Tips

    … tips I frequently use to save time while optimizing PPC accounts. Pivot tables If you haven’t used a pivot table to analyze a PPC campaign, you’re missing out. There are many tutorials on the subject so I won’t go too far in depth. But here is a quick explanation of how it’s done. First, download the report you want to analyze. In this case I want…

    Silverback Strategiesin Paid Search- 7 readers -
  • When PPC Help Never Comes

    … can do, but you feel like performance could be better, or performance HAS to get better. The problem is, PPC Help is hard to find and often times there’s not one easy answer for solving what ails you. You ask for help, read blogs, go to conferences, but everything seems to fall short of helping you solve the specific issue you are experiencing…

    Jeff Allen/ PPC Heroin Paid Search- 1 readers -
  • Put AdWords In Its Place – Scripts for Changes in CTR and Geo and Device Data

    … offers 9 AdWords Tools and a library of 22 AdWords Scripts. (Free for 7 days – No Credit Card Required, No Strings Attached) Ready to take Hero Pro for a test drive? Click here and try Hero Pro free for 7 days. Need more convincing? Check out all our AdWords Tools, AdWords Scripts, and Free Resources. Get more weekly links with our Fast Five newsletter! Five Fast Links in Your Email Every Friday. September 16, 2014…

    Jeremy Page/ PPC Heroin Paid Search- 3 readers -
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