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    • How I Made $500,000 From One Blog Post

      I just published a video where I show you how I made $500,000 from one single blog post. Yes. From ONE blog post. It’s a long video. 84 minutes. It’s from a presentation I gave at a mastermind where many of the people in the room were advanced business owners. So, I know you’ll dig it. How I Got $500,000 From One Blog Post Now, I know this sounds like clickbait. And it sort of is.

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  • Case Study: How to Charge More For Your Products And Services

    So, let’s say you sell a service. Like a barber. Or a web designer. And you want to charge more… The question is: how can you raise your prices without pissing people off? Well… Watch this new video. How to Raise Your Prices This video is part of my new YouTube channel. To ensure you don’t miss them, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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  • Planet Derek: The 5 Day Product Launch (Episode 2)

    … not bought yet. They need some extra help. They need some extra education about how your product can or can’t help. And that’s why I recommend you create a 5 day product launch. It’s simple. And I cover it inside episode 2 of Planet Derek. If you liked this video, subscribe to my YouTube channel. I post much more video over there and I think you’ll…

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  • Planet Derek: Why People Ignore You – And How To Fix It (Episode 1)

    … So I recently spoke at a conference in Las Vegas. In the Q&A a business owner told me about what she does. I had to interrupt… “But why does it matter?” And that’s where she stumbled. I’m not putting her on blast, because the truth is as simple as this: she’s good at what she does, but when it comes to describing what she does to someone…

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