• Watch Time: A Guide to YouTube's Most Important Ranking Factor

    … in watch time for the session, adding channel subscription calls-to-action can help drive an increase in subscribers - which then leads to blah blah blah (you should know this by now). How to Measure Watch Time Metrics in YouTube Analytics Viewers, especially Millennials, are used to skipping about on YouTube with lightning speed and won't tolerate…

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  • 3 Ways to Optimize Videos for Mobile Devices [Creators Tip #161]

    … consumption is growing at an enormous rate, and 50% of video views will be via a mobile device by 2016. So what steps should creators and video marketers take, particularly around these three components: Responsive web design Adaptive Streaming / HTTP Live Streaming Call to Actions #1 Optimize Your Website to Be Responsive on Mobile Responsive…

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  • YouTube Rolling Out 60FPS Video, New Creator Tools

    … second, a feature that the video-game streaming community has long been calling for. There's a raft of new tools for creators too, including more opportunities to monetize. Let's take a look at the highlights: 48 and 60FPS Playback is Coming YouTube are giving creators to ability to upload video content at , which is the optimal speed for quality…

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  • 5 Ways Vimeo Beats YouTube for Video Marketing [Creator's Tip #145]

    Sometimes video marketers assume YouTube is the best site for all their video marketing efforts, but that's not necessarily true. Vimeo provides a lot of solid options that are not available on YouTube, making it a better choice depending on what's important to you and what your goals are for your video campaigns. If you want a little "YouTube vs.

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  • Free is Not a Sustainable Business Model – Unless You’re YouTube

    … productions. I had a row of PCs - when we started a webcast I would literally fire up half a dozen encoding systems and stream out to the world via Ustream, Livestream, Justin.TV and others. I loved the immediacy of live webcasting, you got audience response right away not days later. It reminded me of live television but, considering most of the live…

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