• Four native roles for brands to play in 2017

    … by Shaul Olmert, CEO, Playbuzz Today’s consumers don’t want to be advertised to. But they love their digital content, branded or not. It’s no surprise then that native advertising has become the cornerstone of many a savvy brand’s ad strategy, and why such ads are becoming more and more like the content their target audiences are already…

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  • How the Washington Post and CNN are measuring branded content success

    … When it comes to native content, how are brands measuring their success? If it’s in terms of page views, they’re a step – or several – behind. Branded content studios and their brand partners have shifted focus to analytics that they believe are more accurate in determining whether native content campaigns have met their goals. The recent…

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  • 19 Tools to Create Social Media Content

    … of sharing sites includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and of course LinkedIn. Email, links, WordPress shortcodes, and iframe embedding are also available to share your work. Cost: Free SlideBoom SlideBoom can convert your PowerPoint presentations to Flash so you can share them with colleagues, prospects, and customers. As private or public, SlideBoom…

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  • Content for the Selfie Generation

    … anything else. We accessorize it. We customize its interface. We keep it on us 24/7. The term #homescreen is a consistent trend on Twitter because the apps we own and the services we use are more than just tools–they’re a sort of virtual, definitional selfie. When was the last time you asked a stranger to take your picture for you? What would…

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  • 2 Key Traits of Content That ‘Breaks the Internet’

    … the aforementioned has created a personal, playful experience that taps into the fundamental human emotions of curiosity, tenacity and discovery. It is our natural desire to share that is the catalyst to these items becoming immensely popular and “breaking the internet.” And it’s that personal, human experience of challenge and insight that we believe hits the spot … or the dot! Shachar Orren is vice president of content at Playbuzz. …

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  • Industry Experts: Amp Up Your Super Bowl Sunday Social With These Tips

    … analyze what content resonates most with publishers’ audiences. Point being that publishers can achieve high engagement rates with clever social content that doesn’t cost a thing. I pulled 5 quick tips from a recent whitepaper we’ve created with NewsWhip that I think are most suited to get you (but mainly your content) prepped for this Super Bowl…

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  • New Year’s Resolution for Publishers: Rethink Your Social Content Strategy

    … Year’s content resolutions to ensure that this time next year, no untouched resolutions are rolling over into your list for 2017. This will be your year to get smarter about the content you share. Cut out the unnecessary excess of tired old articles and determine which formats your audience eats up most. Cheers to 2016! Shaul Olmert is the co-founder and CEO of Playbuzz. Playbuzz can be contacted at …

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  • The Top 5 Facebook Holiday Content Ideas

    …, unimaginative social content. Instead, make sure you’re optimizing your users’ engagement across mobile and desktop. Here are the top 5 tips on how to do so via Facebook: Utilize the above advice and you’ll be on your way to a content engine your Facebook community cannot resist – one that won’t put them to sleep during the busiest, most fruitful time of the year. Shaul Olmert is the co-founder and CEO of Playbuzz. Playbuzz can be contacted at Image courtesy of Will Montague on Flickr. …

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