• The NBA is Crushing Other Sports Brands on Social Video

    … 2015. So, you could say that the NBA was one of the two players that turned up early for practice. How are they doing today? Here is the latest data: The NBA’s YouTube channel has 20,800 videos with 3.4 billion views for an average of 164,000 views per video. It also has 6.9 million subscribers. The NFL’s YouTube channel has 6,417 videos with 461…

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  • TouchScore Sport and the Twitter World Cup table

    … TouchScore Sport 2014 Back in February we introduced you to our “TouchScore Sport 2014” project – a year-long initiative to track how effectively the biggest sporting brands in the UK are capitalising on 2014′s amazing year of sport. When we conducted our first benchmark report before the Sochi Winter Olympics, Nike were riding high in the table…

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  • YouTube Embeds: Do They Affect The Credibility of Your Website?

    … a video on your website, would you be seen as more "credible" if that video was from Youtube, or some other video player?" I recently ran an informal one question survey to gauge the effect YouTube branded video players have on the perception of a brand's credibility. If you were to embed a video on your website, would you be seen as more "credible…

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