Physical Medium Dependent sublayers or PMDs further help to define the physical layer of computer network protocols.They define the details of transmission and reception of individual bits on a physical medium. These responsibilities encompass bit timing, signal encoding, interacting with the physical medium, and the properties of the cable, optical fiber, or wire itself. Common examples are specifications for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet defined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).For cable modems Physical Medium Dependent sublayers define the physical sub-layer which also includes the MPEG sub-layer.[citation needed]
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  • Marin Software Acquires SocialMoov

    … of the acquisition, with all SocialMoov employees being asked to remain. SocialMoov president Sylvain Eche will join the product team at Marin, while executive director, co-founder and general manager Veronique Bergeot will be added to the social team. Marin CEO David Yovanno said in a release announcing the acquisition: Social is the fastest…

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  • 3Q Digital’s 2015 Facebook Predictions

    … Digital marketing agency 3Q Digital shared its predictions for Facebook and other social networks for 2015 from CEO David Rodnitzky, chief operating officer Dave Yoo and senior director of social Dayna Moon, with one of them going so far as to make the gutsy (but unlikely) call that Facebook will acquire Twitter. Rodnitzky predicted…

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  • A smarter way to optimize your campaigns on Facebook

    … with core audiences: you don’t want to show the same ad to your most loyal customers too many times in a row. One more thing to AB-test is a 1% lookalike with oCPM (reach) against a 5–10 percent lookalike with oCPM (website clicks) and let the oCPM choose the right impressions. Rule Number Three: Prioritize Right Who are your most important customers…

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  • REPORT: Instagram Crushes Twitter in Engagement

    … When Instagram topped the 300 million-user mark earlier this month, it moved past Twitter in terms of total users, but according to Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer and social analytics platform Socialbakers, the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network blows away Twitter in terms of engagement. Socialbakers found that from Sept. 9…

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  • What Works on Facebook for the Interbrand 100 Top Global Brands?

    … The Interbrand 100 top global brands average 10 Facebook posts per week, with photos accounting for the most successful posts in terms of engagement and restaurants representing the top-performing vertical, according to third-quarter-2014 data released Tuesday by Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer and social analytics platform Simply…

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  • Facebook to Page Admins: Create Call-to-Action Buttons

    … Several Facebook page administrators are seeing buttons on their pages’ cover images prompting them to create call-to-action buttons. Readers Veronica Gentili, Matteo Gamba and Guillaume Baratte tipped off AllFacebook on the new feature. In addition, Baratte, from KRDS, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, noted that page admins can…

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  • REPORT: Retailers Surged on Facebook After 10 p.m. on Cyber Monday

    … Kinetic Social, a software-as-a-service provider and Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, saw a late Cyber Monday rush for retailers. Findings by Kinetic Social included: Retailers posted their highest desktop conversion rate of the holiday weekend on Cyber Monday, and that rate was also higher on Saturday than on Black Friday. Clicks…

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  • Facebook to Route Support Queries from PMDs Through Support Dashboard

    … should be the email address you want to be contacted at (work email address). This is still only a support channel for current PMDs. Future roadmap: Action items: Nothing! The way you submit requests to the team remains the same. Note: This is not a replacement for the bug tracker tool. Any bugs related to the application-programming interface and/or your app should still be logged through that portal. PMDs: What are your initial thoughts on this news? …

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