A podcast (or netcast) is a digital medium consisting of an episodic series of audio, video, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word is a neologism and portmanteau derived from "broadcast" and "pod" from the success of the iPod, as audio podcasts are often listened to on portable media players.
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  • "Generating Leads With Podcasting II ft. Andrew Dymski" (Inbound Success Ep. 12 Show Notes)

    … This week, I'm taking another deep dive into podcasting - this time with Andrew Dymski of DoInbound and GuavaBox. Andrew is also a co-host of The Agency Journey podcast, a fantastic resource aimed at helping agency owners build and grow their agencies. He and his co-host Gray MacKenzie have been podcasting for some time now and have published over 120 episodes, with lots of lessons to share from that experience. …

    The IMPACT Blog- 8 readers -
  • Released: WordPress Sidebar Widget for Playing Podcasts

    … If you’ve ever utilized the default RSS widget for WordPress and entered a Podcast RSS feed, you’ll notice that it only displays the title and description. That’s because the iTunes standard for podcast feeds adds additional tags for the image associated with a podcast as well as the location of the podcast file itself. Despite WordPress having…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 14 readers -
  • 211: Creating a Successful Podcast – Advice from Pat Flynn

    …Advice from Pat Flynn on How to Create a Successful Podcast Today I have a treat for anyone who has ever considered starting a podcast (or already has one), because I’ve just finished a Skype call with Pat Flynn about the art of podcasting. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Pat’s teaching on podcasting is the number one thing that helped me as I…

    @ProBlogger- 12 readers -
  • #176: Steal My Podcast Project Plan!

    … Hey there! Welcome to your new show notes! I wanted to deliver episode details in a way that make the podcast easier to use and digest. My goal—as always—is to deliver tremendous value for you, and hopefully this new format will help you engage at a new level, and take immediate action for your […] The post #176: Steal My Podcast Project Plan…

    Amy Porterfieldin Content- 11 readers -
  • 16 valuable tips if you want to start a podcast

    … like a well-oiled machine and enjoying it more than ever. Essential list of podcasting resources Reflecting on the recording of the Brand Newsroom podcast, I realised how much I would have appreciated having this information when starting out. Here is my ‘go-to’ list of resources I recommend to people who have recently started a podcast…

    Sarah Mitchell/ Lush Digitalin Content- 14 readers -
  • How to get Your First Podcast Sponsorship

    … This is a post from ProBlogger podcasting expert, Colin Gray. Advertising is a sensitive subject for a lot of people. It’s a step into the ‘money stuff’, into earning cash from your loyal audience, and it can feel like sullying your beautifully crafted content. Who enjoys the sight of a banner ad sticking out like a sore thumb, after all…

    @ProBloggerin How To's- 22 readers -
  • Fireside: Simple Podcast Website, Hosting, and Analytics

    … they’ll have to shift their revenue model and I’m not sure what that means for everyone hosting podcasts there. After a few searches online, we found Fireside, a total solution for podcasting. Pricing is just $19 per month and includes the following features: Download Stats and Analytics – accurate, real-time download stats and analytics…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 15 readers -
  • Choosing the Right Podcast Topic (It’s Harder Than It Sounds)

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist I recently hosted a seminar on podcasting for MarketingProfs that examined how to start a podcast. During the one-hour session, I explained everything, from the podcast listening audience (thanks, Edison Research) to planning, recording, editing, and promoting your show. Nearly half of attendees…

    {grow}- 14 readers -
  • How Audiences Respond to Podcasts: New Research

    … Are you thinking about getting into podcasting? Wondering if podcasts still have an engaged audience base? In this article, you’ll discover insights from new research that show how listeners consume podcast content, and what might keep people from tuning in. by Michelle Krasniak on Social Media Examiner. #1: Podcast Listener Base Maintains…

    Social Media Examinerin How To's- 24 readers -
  • The New New Thing Podcast: With Guest Douglas Karr

    … to what I think about our rapidly evolving industry. You may be surprised at some of my answers regarding risk, creativity, and adoption. Special thanks to Liz and R.J. for having me on the episode. I don’t often get to share my own story! Be sure to subscribe and tune in, they have amazing interviews with an incredible range of guests. © 2017 DK New Media. All Rights Reserved. Visit and Subscribe to MarTech today! …

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 16 readers -
  • If Your Content Team Just Did This, You’d Be Winning

    … There’s plenty of articles out there already on how terrible most content is that’s out there. And there are millions of articles on how to write great content. However, I don’t believe either type of article is especially helpful. I believe the root of poor content that doesn’t perform is just one factor – poor research. Poorly researching…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin Content- 16 readers -
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