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    • SPI 288: Interview with Bec and Joe from The 4 Blades

      This is a fun one! I’m sitting down with Bec and Joe Winston, the brains behind The 4 Blades, a brand in a niche that I never knew existed. What is that niche? It’s a kitchen appliance called the Thermomix. You’ve probably never heard of Thermomixes, but Bec and Joe have built a vibrant digital publication, podcast, and community around them.

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  • SPI 275: Real Stories and Results from 3 Brand-New Podcasters

    … Today’s episode stars not one guest, but three! Joining me are Dr. Shannon Irvine, Rob Stuart, and Dr. Barbara Cohen—all students from the beta version of my latest course, Power-Up Podcasting. All three have had incredible experiences along the road to launching their first podcasts, and today they’re sharing their stories. I’ve shared a lot…

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  • Announcing Power-Up Podcasting

    … Today is the big day! I’m extremely happy to announce the first public launch of my brand new course, Power-Up Podcasting, a complete online training course with all of the information you need—not just to set up a high-quality podcast (without spending a ton on expensive equipment), but also how to launch and market your show so that it can…

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  • SPI 247: The Epic Origin Story Behind The Walker Stalkers Brand

    … and no experience. The nuts and bolts of bootstrapping a live event. Who makes up The Walker Stalkers event team and the roles they serve. Eric and James's advice for fellow business-minded fans. The unforgettable road trip that started it all, and more! Resources TheWalkerStalkers.com Walker Stalker Con The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack PodcastingTutorial.com Blue Microphones Kickstarter Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man Sponsors 99Designs.com $99 Power Pack of services, free! …

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  • SPI 241: My Top 10 Most-Used Apps in 2016

    … Every successful online entrepreneur needs the right toolkit. That’s why I’ve asked my good friend Chris Ducker on the show today to talk through a few of our favorite tools—namely, our most-used business and productivity apps of the past year! Working alone or with a small team often means wearing several hats: social media manager, podcast…

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  • My August 2016 Monthly Income Report

    … Latest Goings-On in August The biggest announcement in August was the brand new SPI Pro Theme, which became available for WordPress users worldwide this month. Through a partnership with the team over at StudioPress, we were able to re-engineer the SPI theme that was used on this site between 2013 and early 2016 to one that could be distributed…

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  • Podcasting and the Stats that Really Matter

    …! And finally, for those of you who are looking to start a podcast soon, I recommend checking out my free podcasting tutorial that has helped thousands of people get their show up and running. It’s 100 percent free, no opt-ins required, and the only thing I ask of you is that you commit, and share a link to your show once it’s up. Everything from…

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  • Why Podcasting Isn’t as Easy as It Looks – SPI TV Ep. 51

    What I'm sharing with you today is a little embarrassing. I'm revisiting one of my very first attempts at podcasting from back in 2008, as well as all the mistakes—and there are plenty!—I made as a brand-new podcaster. When you're just starting out as a podcaster, there are a daunting number of unknowns: Am I any good at this? Will anyone listen? Will I be able to fill enough e ...

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  • How to Repurpose Audio Content Like a Machine

    … hundreds of millionaires and has learned about commonalities between, and often publishes content that combines what she has discussed in multiple interviews in one single spot. She’s even turned that information into a book! Make an Ebook Out of Your Transcripts Instead of sharing just parts of your transcript, you can actually combine them…

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