A podcast (or netcast) is a digital medium consisting of an episodic series of audio, video, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word is a neologism and portmanteau derived from "broadcast" and "pod" from the success of the iPod, as audio podcasts are often listened to on portable media players.
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    • Digital marketing: A discussion on three touchy subjects

      BY MARK SCHAEFER On the new episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster and I open up a discussion on three touchy issues in the digital realm. YouTube’s deplorable algorithm: The New York Times reported that evil people have been slipping violent cartoon knock-offs into the YouTube Kids channel. In this case, relying on an algorithm to vet children’s programming is unacceptable.

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    • wordprax test

      Subscribe on iTunes here! Welcome to the second episode of the 3Q Digital Download Podcast! Join our host, Joseph Kerschbaum, and our guest, Elizabeth Marsten, to get tips on taking your ...

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  • Wordprax Test

    … The 3Q Digital Download podcast is back! Host Joe Kerschbaum chats with 3Q’s Director of CRO, Jeremy Epperson, on (you guessed it!) Conversion Rate Optimization. For a reference, here are Jeremy’s top takeaways and action items for people who currently don’t have a CRO solution in place: 1. Find a testing platform (3Q uses Optimizely). This helps […] The post Wordprax Test appeared first on 3Q Digital. …

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  • The future of humor in marketing with The Marketoonist

    … By Mark Schaefer One of my great marketing heroes is Tom Fishburne. Not only is he a brilliant innovator and marketer, he is THE WORLD-FAMOUS MARKETOONIST: On the new episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster and I had the great fun and pleasure of interviewing Tom about humor in marketing including … The “slow revelation” that made…

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  • It’s time to put an end to an era of lazy marketing

    … I had an opportunity to attend the outstanding Marketing Profs B2B Forum and witness a truly tour-de-force speech by my friend and podcast co-host Tom Webster. Although we had mentioned this talk in a previous podcast episode, I had not seen Tom’s presentation and I found his insights to be remarkable and very relevant to marketing today. I…

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  • The extraordinary power of curated content

    … to it which we cover on the newest episode of The Marketing Companion. In this episode, Scott Monty takes over as co-host for a day and explains his process behind the Full Monty newsletter. He explains how an internal newsletter at Ford Motor Company was the inspiration for what has become the go-to weekly content in the digital marketplace. We also…

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  • A Desert Island Paradise … and a Great Podcasting Course

    … On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman showed off an incredibly easy (no, really) way to boost the power of your content, make it more audience-friendly, and even enhance your SEO. On Tuesday, things got a little silly when we asked our editorial team what their “desert island” copywriting technique would be. Come check them out — with Read More…

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  • The Showrunner Podcasting Course Is Open (For a Limited Time)

    … Yes, the course is open (temporarily). Yes, I want you to join our community. Yes, podcasting is an excellent marketing channel. But first, we need to answer the question burning inside your brain … Who is The Showrunner Podcasting Course for? Now, I’m going to be one of those guys and answer your question with Read More... The post…

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  • Love, politics and content marketing

    … politics-related talk Why Mark thinks “loyalty” is a fading marketing idea Content Marketing World hits and misses And as a bonus, we announce new plans for Companion Storm 2! Check it out! Click on this link to listen to Episode 113 Other ways to enjoy our podcast Click here to download the latest episode or subscribe in iTunes…

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  • 5 Top Tips on How to Be a Top Game Blogger

    … blogging. Writing about games is a multifaceted subject. Writers may focus strictly on reviews or hot industry topics. Others cover both areas and more, providing editorial pieces, too. Whether you are looking to enhance your game blog or start a new one, there is a lot to learn. Becoming the Best These are the top tips for being a top game blogger…

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  • The Bold and the Stressful: Smart Ways to Make a Big Move

    … Sometimes, you just have to muster your courage and do something Big. It might mean making a brave statement with your content, or creating a splash by launching something new and amazing. On Monday, Brian Clark shared a strategy for telling a more gripping story by using the framing power of contrast. And he showed Read More... The post…

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  • Why I Love Broadcasting My Podcast Recordings Live

    … Seven years ago, I recorded my first live podcast. The process was remarkably simple, even then: my co-hosts and I called into BlogTalkRadio on our phones and we provided postgame commentary for a basketball game that had just ended. I’m pretty sure the three of us outnumbered listeners for that first show. So the stakes Read More... The post…

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  • Is it just me, or does it seem like the ad industry is a hot mess?

    … to listen to Episode 112 Other ways to enjoy our podcast Click here to download the latest episode or subscribe in iTunes Complete Marketing Companion Episode Guide Click here for the show’s RSS feed – for Android listeners. Find the podcast on Stitcher Resource mentioned in this episode WSJ article on advertising decine Please support our…

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  • Choosing the Right Podcast Topic (It’s Harder Than It Sounds)

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist I recently hosted a seminar on podcasting for MarketingProfs that examined how to start a podcast. During the one-hour session, I explained everything, from the podcast listening audience (thanks, Edison Research) to planning, recording, editing, and promoting your show. Nearly half of attendees…

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  • I wasn’t a desperate entrepreneur, and that’s why I failed

    … out their entire marketing strategy from one master calendar, collaborate with their teams, and streamline their entire execution process in one place. CoSchedule is the web’s most popular marketing calendar and the fastest growing startup in North Dakota. Ranked as the best business tool built by a startup on Entrepreneur.com. Get your Marketing…

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  • Podcast 128: The Business Behind Getting Paid to Speak at Events with Grant Baldwin

    … thespeakerlab.com. There’s free podcast, there’s lots of blog post, and lots of just free resources. People can check out all about speaking, speaking industry and how to find and book speaking engagements. Yeah, definitely check those out. Spencer:Perfect. Thanks Grant, I appreciate your time very much. Grant:You bet, Spencer. I enjoyed hanging out with you brother. Spencer:Yup, thanks a lot. The post Podcast 128: The Business Behind Getting Paid to Speak at Events with Grant Baldwin appeared first on Niche Pursuits. …

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