• Creating a Survey Landing Page

    … and dating traffic. I have been using it quite a bit for my dating campaigns on Plenty of Fish. Survey Landing Page Template My friend David at AffPlaybook posted a free template on his blog that I have been using ever since. You can preview the landing page here or download the code here. The code is the same as what David originally provided, but I did…

    Luke Kling- 18 readers -
  • An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide To Advertising on PlentyOfFish Ads

    … If you’re trying to make money through affiliate marketing, but aren’t using PlentyOfFish’s advertising platform, you’re missing an excellent opportunity. PlentyOfFish (POF) is the world’s leading dating website, with over 76 million registered users. The POF self-serve advertising system is extremely popular with affiliate marketers…

    Daily Conversionsin Affiliate- 20 readers -
  • 5 Things You Should Know About Performance Metrics in POF (Part 2)

    … optimization, or “Hurdles” as referred in POFpro, is a way of setting up automated tests for creatives based on the amount of data collected. On the right is an example of Hurdles applied we applied to our campaign featured in a previous POF Gamer Case Study. Once you’ve setup a system of Hurdles, you’ve got an automated system that allows you to grow…

    Aziz Kamara/ iPyxel Creations- 5 readers -
  • 5 Things You Should Know About Performance Metrics in POF (Part 1)

    … We frequently get asked by newer performance marketers on how we determine whether or not an ad/angle/campaign is going to perform well on POF. The short answer is, we never know–not until we test it anyway. That’s why we wanted to share with you some key tips on performance metrics in POF to give you an idea as to what we look for when…

    Aziz Kamara/ iPyxel Creations- 4 readers -
  • How to collect URL’s using Quantcast for PPV advertising

    … Quantcast is a web analytic company that help us to advertise to the right audience about a service or a product. You can use quantcast data for many types of advertising as Facebook, POF and PPV. in this post I will show you in Step-by-step how to collect URL’s using Quantcast to use with PPV advertising. Step #1: Go to quantcast.com…

    Mahmoud Selman/ selman.usin Facebook How To's- 8 readers -
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