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    • Pokemon Go to Thank Players With Double XP, Stardust Event

      Ahead of Thanksgiving, Niantic announced that it will give thanks to Pokemon Go players with an upcoming in-game event that will reward users with bonus experience points and Stardust, the game’s currency, for completing in-game actions. This event will run from Nov. 23 at midnight UTC through Nov. 30 at midnight UTC.

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    • Pokemon Go Players Can Now Capture Ditto

      Niantic announced that Pokemon Go players can now add Ditto, the shape-shifting Pokemon, to their in-game collections. With this release, users may capture a Ditto when they think they’re capturing another Pokemon. That is, Ditto will appear on the map as a different Pokemon, and it will only reveal its true identity ...

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    • Google Play Reveals Best Games, Apps of 2016

      Google Play revealed the top applications and games on its service in 2016. For these lists, the top “trending” apps and games were those that were the most downloaded in 2016. On a global level, Google Play said Scoompa’s Face Changer 2 was the top trending app in 2016, followed by Lumyer – Photo & Selfie Editor from Lumyer and CastBox – Podcast Radio Music from CastBox.

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  • Pokemon Go: Niantic Previews Upcoming Daily Bonuses

    … Niantic announced new daily bonuses that are coming to Pokemon Go in a future update. The bonuses will reward users with extra experience points and other items the first time they capture a Pokemon or visit a PokeStop each day. Specifically, the first time a player catches a Pokemon each day, they will receive a bonus of 500 experience points…

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  • Pokemon Go’s Halloween Event Increased Revenue By 133%

    … To celebrate Halloween, Niantic released the first in-game event in popular mobile game Pokemon Go and, according to data from application store optimization company Sensor Tower, the event was a success. The event gave users an increased chance of finding “spooky” Pokemon, and it also gave users more Pokemon candy for completing three actions…

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  • Pokemon Go: Earn Extra Candy in Halloween Event

    … Niantic previewed a Halloween event coming to Pokemon Go, which will allow players to earn extra Pokemon candy and catch more “spooky” Pokemon than normal for a limited time. Specifically, from Oct. 26 to Nov. 1, the game will have “increased global encounters” of Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno and Zubat. In addition…

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  • The Most Important Thing in Marketing Isn’t VR or AI

    … of cross-device, with Google focusing on targeting and Facebook adding new reporting capabilities. So what’s all this fuss about cross-device? In 2014, Facebook commissioned a study that found that 53 percent of people who own two devices and 77 percent who own three devices switch between them to complete tasks or activities. Similarly, a Google…

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  • Pokemon Go: Niantic Previews Capture Bonuses, More

    … Niantic revealed two new updates coming to Pokemon Go in the future. The first update will allow players to earn capture bonuses as they earn medals based on capturing specific kinds of Pokemon (Kindler, Psychic, Gardener, etc.). As a user earns capture bonuses, they’ll have a better chance of capturing Pokemon with the related types…

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  • Pokemon Go Update Adds Capture Locations to Pokemon Info

    … Niantic released a new update for Pokemon Go on iOS and Android. The update adds a Pokemon’s capture location to its information screen. Specifically, when users capture a Pokemon (or look at a previously captured Pokemon), its information screen will display its capture location and capture date in text at the bottom of the screen. It’s…

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  • Pokemon Go Receives Buddy Pokemon System in Latest Update

    … assign different Pokemon to be their “buddies” over time, but they will lose any progress toward their next Pokemon Candy when they switch. In addition to the new Buddy Pokemon feature, this update includes support for the Pokemon Go Plus, the device that allows users to receive alerts about in-game events without looking at their phones…

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  • Pokemon Go Is Coming to Apple Watch

    … Niantic announced at Apple‘s press event in San Francisco Wednesday that it is bringing Pokemon Go to Apple Watch. Pokemon Go allows users to capture Pokemon by exploring the real world around them. With Pokemon Go on Apple Watch, users will be able to record any walks they take while playing Pokemon Go as “workouts” within the Apple Watch…

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  • Pop! Slots Was August’s Top Trending Android Game in the U.S.

    … in the top three. Elsewhere, while Pokemon Go was the top trending Android game in the U.S. in July, the game fell out of the top 10 last month. Looking at the fall of Pokemon Go, SimilarWeb said the game is currently on the downward trend, with its install rate dropping from 13.61 percent during the first week of August (on average) to 12.01 percent…

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  • Niantic Begins Reversing Some Pokemon Go Account Bans

    … Niantic has begun reversing some Pokemon Go account bans, which affected users who were using “add-on map applications” to find nearby Pokemon. Earlier this month, Niantic began banning users that it said were “taking unfair advantage of and abusing” the game. This included users who were using apps that display nearby Pokemon on a map…

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  • Pokemon Go to Receive ‘Pokemon Appraisal’ Feature in Next Update

    … Niantic Labs revealed the next update coming to Pokemon Go on iOS and Android. The update will add a Pokemon appraisal feature to the game, which will allow players to learn more about a Pokemon’s “attack and defense capabilities” before using it in battle. Niantic’s release notes read: Implemented Pokemon appraisal: Trainers will now…

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  • Top 10 Media Publishers, July 2016: Strong Growth By Breitbart

    … about Pokemon Go, remembering Robin Williams and an incredible soccer field. Fastest-growing categories and publishers The fastest-growing categories by social engagement month over month were travel (39 percent), politics (25 percent) and home and garden (21 percent), driven by National Geographic Travel, Breitbart and BuzzFeed’s Nifty, respectively. Tania Yuki is the founder and CEO of Shareablee, a leading provider of social content analytics for business. …

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  • How Businesses are Getting Customers with Pokémon Go

    … Pokémon Go is already the most popular mobile game in history with more daily users than Twitter and on more Android phones than Tinder. There has already been a lot of chatter about Pokémon Go in the business world and how the game has become a remarkable boom for business owners. The one thing that’s been missing from the conversation…

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