• Amazon’s HQ2 Isn’t a Headquarters. So What Is It?

      Crossposted from NewCo Shift. Everyone’s favorite parlor game is “where will Amazon go?” Better to ask: Why does Amazon needs a second headquarters in the first place? It’s the future! Rendering of Amazon’s new Seattle HQ. The first and original one. Why does Amazon want a new headquarters? Peruse the company’s RFP, and the company is frustratingly vague on the question.

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    • Politics Going Digital

      It’s difficult to survive the period of Brexit and Donald Trump, of Jeremy Corbyn and hostile to Corbyn, without feeling that something has turned out badly with our vote based system. We yell at each different crosswise over consistently augmenting bays of sensitivity and comprehension. We focus on individuals and identities, searching for somebody to fault for our shared inco ...

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  • No. Social Terrorists Will Not Win

    … A small group of social terrorists have hijacked the rational discourse led by society’s most accomplished, intelligent, and promising organizations. (cross posted from NewCo Shift) Let’s start with this: Google is not a perfect company. It’s easy to cast it as an omniscient and evil villain, the leader of a millennium-spanning…

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  • Should Brands Take a Stance on Social Issues?

    … be authentic and publicly take on social issues. The Havas Paris / Paris Retail Week Shopper Observer uncovered three trends that stood out in the changing the relationship between brands and French consumers: Consumers believe it’s now the duty of a brand to take a stance on social issues. Consumers want to be personally rewarded by the brands…

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  • Facebook turns to old media to fight fake news prior to UK election

    … Facebook turns to old media to fight fake news prior to UK election In the run up to Election Day in the UK, Facebook has turned to an unlikely ally in their continuing struggle against ‘fake news’. The social network behemoth has taken out several print ads in UK newspapers on how to recognize fake news. While the ads do contain helpful…

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  • Please, Let’s Not Go There Again

    … and minorities had vastly diminished rights, our environment was a mess, climate change was ignored, capitalism was unrestrained and destructive, and we were playing a terrifying game of nuclear chess with Russia. By last year, we had made massive progress on all of these crucial societal issues. And now we’re going back to the ‘70s. Anyone else want off this particular train? (published first at NewCo Shift) …

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  • Bad Policy Makes Us Sick. Business Must Lead Us Back.

    … in what is increasingly feeling like a gravely ill society. Our maddening melange of libertarian individualism, technological (and medical) savior-ism, American exceptionalism, and steroidal capitalism has delivered us a health care horror show — one with an endless appetite for cheap food, expensive medicine, and hollow self-delusion. It strikes me…

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  • Is a politics free Facebook worth it?

    … Is a politics free Facebook worth it? Ever since the start of 2016 presidential campaign, which feels like it started in 1988, it seems like Facebook has been a never-ending series of political memes and rants. Maybe you long for the days for when Facebook was nothing but pictures of cats, what people had for dinner, and baby pictures? Well…

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  • People Trust Facebook Less Than Congress

    …-two percent of U.S. adults receive news from social media, per a 2016 Pew study. Yet less than 15 percent trust Facebook and Twitter. That huge discrepancy underscores their failure at becoming reliable sources of information. If either site hopes to rebound in the eyes of the public, the new protocols need to spark healthy changes as soon as possible. The post People Trust Facebook Less Than Congress appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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