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    • New ways to stay informed about presidential politics

      In just two days, Americans will tune in for the final Republican debate before the 2016 primary season officially kicks off in Iowa, and we’re teaming up with Fox News Channel to make sure every citizen can get the most out of it. To help people get informed before heading to the polls, we’re integrating three new components into the debate: a way to hear directly from candi ...

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    • Meet the YouTube Directors App Newest Template: Elections

      In just over a year, people have watched more than 110 million hours of candidate and issues-related content on YouTube.1 That’s like watching the entire Game of Thrones series almost 2 million times over. And 57% of undecided voters say they’re most likely to pay attention to political advertising when it’s online.

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  • American Democracy on Google Arts & Culture

    Information is powerful, and historical and cultural information can help us understand the world around us today. That’s why we built Google Arts & Culture—to put the world’s cultural treasures at anyone’s fingertips, and to help museums and other organizations share more of their diverse heritage with the world.

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  • Google and YouTube can help keep you informed on Election Day

    … It’s Election Day Eve, the day before before millions of people across the U.S. will head to the polls and cast votes for their elected officials. But before you get to the ballot box -- and head out with that sticker! -- check Google to get the information on where to vote and election results. Starting when the polls close on Election Day…

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  • Ballot Propositions Matter to Voters

    … While much of the news is focused on the presidential race, on November 8 there will be 165 propositions on the ballot that could impact over 205 million Americans in 35 states.1 When it comes to learning more about their state’s referenda in the final days of the Election, voters are increasingly turning online. That’s why we have [launched…

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  • Get polling place and ballot information quickly and easily

    … Voting matters — and history proves it. In 1839, the Massachusetts gubernatorial election was decided by just two votes out of 102,066. The same was the case in a 1974 New Hampshire Senate race — out of 233,363 votes, only two made the difference. And in 2008, an Alaskan Congressional race was decided by a single vote. With Election Day just…

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