Popup Domination

  • 7 Reasons You Need To Change PopUp Solutions (or lose money)

    A lot has changed in the last 5 years. The majority of websites now get the majority of email subscribers through popups. Here are 7 ways your popup software isn’t up to scratch: 1. 95% of popups are not mobile responsive This is something we have mentioned a lot! But I need to emphasize it to you, because, still, in 2016, 95%+ of popups I see, don’t display correctly on smaller screens.

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  • Why I Dumped Non-GPL Licensed WordPress Stuff In 2016

    … The biggest – and most challenging change – that I made in my online marketing business for 2016 was to remove, with only a few exceptions, non-GPL-licensed WordPress plugins, themes, etc from directly featured promotion by me. The reason this has been challenging or difficult is that unfortunately, for a long time, my business had created…

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  • Capture Your Visitors Attention with Engagifire

    … By the time you get done reading this, there should be a popup on your screen that I created using the most recent tool added to my blogging and marketing toolbox, Engagifire. Engagifire is a very cool piece of software that allows you to easily create popups or slide-ins which you can add to your blog or website to capture your visitors…

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  • 10 Website Changes That Reduce Your Conversions Most

    … Contributed by Josh Dunlop I would say that the main thing that reduced conversions for me was switching to a theme that wasn’t mobile responsive, rather than a theme that was. Millions of people are viewing billions of pages online daily via smartphones… They’re also buying a ton – Don’t miss out on this traffic because of an unresponsive theme. You…

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