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  • 7 Reasons You Need To Change PopUp Solutions (or lose money)

    … that the popup software you are using is mobile responsive, even though they may advertise it as being so. Above all else, this is probably one of PopUp Dominations strongest features. I never have to see a broken popup. You can see in this user review video, how our popups adapt in size as you play around with browser size. 2. WordPress popup plugins…

    How To Make Money Onlinein EMail- 17 readers -
  • Why I Dumped Non-GPL Licensed WordPress Stuff In 2016

    … The biggest – and most challenging change – that I made in my online marketing business for 2016 was to remove, with only a few exceptions, non-GPL-licensed WordPress plugins, themes, etc from directly featured promotion by me. The reason this has been challenging or difficult is that unfortunately, for a long time, my business had created a lot…

    Kim Castleberry/ Just Ask Kimin Blogging- 15 readers -
  • Capture Your Visitors Attention with Engagifire

    … By the time you get done reading this, there should be a popup on your screen that I created using the most recent tool added to my blogging and marketing toolbox, Engagifire. Engagifire is a very cool piece of software that allows you to easily create popups or slide-ins which you can add to your blog or website to capture your visitors…

    Luke Kling- 6 readers -
  • 10 Website Changes That Reduce Your Conversions Most

    …, conversions always drop. It’s an easy mistake to make so we always have to catch ourselves. #6. Removing PopUp Domination Contributed by Dainis Graveris Well, Michael will like this response – whenever I remove my PopUp Domination plugin, conversions seriously drop. The more emails you get on your list, the more chances you will have to succeed…

    David Aston/ How To Make Money Online- 11 readers -
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