• Google’s Mobile Interstitials Penalty has Begun

      Google is keeping up with their efforts in making search more efficient by valuing pages that offer more content. This is part of their campaign to help users find the best answers to their questions with whatever device that they are using. On the other hand, this also means that they have to devalue pages that have what we call “interstitial”.

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  • 5 Data Disconnects and Bad Marketing Assumptions

    … must make marketing decisions on what attracts and engages that very segment, though. Your website isn’t there to please everyone; it should be seen as a sales resource that attracts and engages its visitors, driving them through to a conversion. I’ve made similar mistakes with my business. I listened to far too many people who were never going…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 12 readers -
  • Multiply Your Email Subscribers Like Rabbits (with this simple trick)

    …. They are no longer surprising and they just don’t catch their attention. But there is one thing that is hard to ignore on websites – popups! They might be annoying, I know. But they get results. In fact, you just have to be a little strategic about how you use them. Then they become not only powerful, but also something that doesn’t scare your visitors away…

    Ashley Faulkes/ Mad Lemmingsin EMail- 24 readers -
  • Leadpages Updates: Templates, Popups, Marketplace And More

    … customer’s websites I use LeadPages.net. What Does LeadPages Do? (skip to the New Features if you know already) If you do not know about page builders like LeadPages, then you might want to read my previous review. But just to give you a quick idea of what it can do, here are the main points: Build pages quickly for – lead generation, sales…

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  • How to Waste Your Content Marketing Efforts

    … and robustness as and when you need it. You’re not tied to a given vendor, service or platform. Five Top Tips for Growing your List 1. Make email subscription forms clear, visible, and above the fold. Obvious, right? You’d be surprised how often this basic rule is overlooked. 2. Use popups respectfully – say, on or after the third page in the session…

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