• How To Optimize Your WordPress Blog Posts With BlogPosting

    There are several guides published everywhere on the web explaining how to optimize your bog posts with markups, however many of these guides are outdated, gives errors, or just do not work. If you don’t know what Schema is or how it is useful to your site, then read about Schema. If you are using WordPress, then you are lucky, there are plenty of plugins that does ...

    Hesham Zebida/ Famous Bloggers- 21 readers -
  • 7 post types that get the most shares and links

    … A main business purpose of writing a blog post is to get it shared and linked back to. (Another is to get subscribers and customers/clients.) So which post types should you write so that more people will share it and link back to it? Two online organizations, Moz and BuzzSumo, combined their knowledge and data to analyze the shares and links…

    Ellen Finkelstein/ Change the World Marketingin Social- 29 readers -
  • 8 Posts That Affect Your Blog’s Organic Traffic

    … How does one build traffic to a blog? That’s easy. One writes. One posts. One shares. Unfortunately, not all posts are created equal. Not all topics interest the same number of readers. And not all keyword phrases get the attention of the great granter of traffic, Google. Having blogged since 2005 on marketing topics, from email to conversion…

    Brian Massey/ The Conversion Scientistin Social- 30 readers -