• Six social media advertising ideas to make you look like a big deal

      Perception is everything. In the business world, people are naturally attracted to the biggest names, whether you call them influencers, experts, or [insert industry here] rock stars. But what if you aren’t a big name yet? What if you’re just starting out and looking to make a name for yourself? How can you get on the radar of people you want to do business with in the future? ...

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    • How To Improve AdWords Remarketing Performance With Advanced Strategies

      September 28, 2016 Last month, I discussed how to advance your Display strategies with layered targeting, so I thought I would continue the series with how to improve remarketing performance through advanced strategies and layering. Remarketing has been a typical paid advertising strategy for a long time, but over the years, has been reshaped by new ad types, analytics int ...

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    • Reliable search volume data: a glimmer of hope

      While poking around in the Google AdWords keyword research tool recently, I noticed something that made me do a double take. I refreshed my browser and re-inputted the same keywords as before. Same result. Something had changed, and I think it’s for the better. First, some background For the past couple months, I’ve struggled to see the value of Google’s update to the Keyword ...

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  • Google Announces Ecommerce Partnerships For Shopping

    … October 19, 2016 Last year, Google introduced several new features to improve Shopping campaigns during the busy holiday season. These included RLSA for PLAs/Local Inventory ads and other Product Group and bidding features to ease advertisers’ Q4 qualms. This year, managing Shopping campaigns in AdWords will be even simpler with integration…

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  • Weird Science: A Lesson in Failed Experiments

    … October 17, 2016 Much of what we do day in and day out in PPC is stare at numbers. Beautiful, finite numbers. We know numbers to be objective. If we spend $12,622 and that spend garners 31 conversions, we know the average cost per conversion is $40.716129. If our campaign is limited by budget and we raise our budget, we will no longer…

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  • Why Responsive Display Ads Should be the Jewels in Your Paid Search Crown

    Google has recently released responsive display ads (RDAs) for everyone to use, which has opened up a new world of possibilities as far as advertisers are concerned. Those who regularly have to create different ads for desktop and mobile devices will benefit the most here, as responsive ads are designed to resize automatically depending on the screen size they’re being viewed o ...

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  • How paid search and personalisation can work together

    We don’t generally think of paid search as a great channel for personalisation, but increasingly, it’s becoming one. Caroline Reynolds, VP of Paid Search at iProspect, gave a presentation at the Content Marketing Association’s most recent Digital Breakfast explaining exactly how personalisation and paid search can work together.

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  • #nmbrek Attacat’s 2016 Presentations

    …; Kevin Thomson There’s still a chance to catch the chat on Google Analytics in Glasgow, Friday September 30th! Grab your tickets here and learn how to make data work for you! For more information on the New Media Breakfast and when the next one takes place near you, head over to www.newmediabreakfast.co.uk! October’s theme, presented by the host…

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  • How PPC brand protection can increase clicks by 34%

    … discussed above, you’re basically giving them the green light to continue. Don’t make it this easy for them. If you’re already protecting your brand in paid search, please share your strategy, tools, or examples of how brand protection has helped drive PPC profits for you. Jamie Smith is the CEO of Campaign Watch and a contributor to SEW. You can connect with Jamie on LinkedIn or Twitter. …

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  • Five Google Shopping tips to help nail your Q4 ROI

    … We all know Q4 is the biggest time of the year when it comes to ecommerce. Google Shopping tends to be a strong revenue driver for businesses investing in digital marketing. So how do you make sure you are being as efficient and effective as possible on Google shopping? Below are some key tips to make sure you are capitalizing on the holiday…

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