• RocketMill’s 10 Top Tips for Christmas Paid Search Campaigns

      Christmas can be a very exciting period for internet retailers. Online sales are growing and for some businesses the festive season can make or break their entire financial year. Even if you don’t sell Christmas trees online, we have 10 tips for your PPC strategy to take advantage of the end-of-year shopping madness. 1.

      RocketMillin Paid Search- 11 readers -
    • Watch My Free PPC Webinar Co-Presented With G5

      Watch My Free PPC Webinar Co-Presented With G5 By PPC Ian Nov 22 0 My name is PPC Ian because I got started in pay per click search engine marketing back in 2004. If you ask me today, my favorite marketing channel is still paid search. These days, I’m leveraging paid search in the in the commercial real estate industry, at a company that develops and operates self storage a ...

      Ian Lopuch/ PPC Ian- 14 readers -
  • Five most interesting search news stories of the week

    … upgrades to its Structured Data Testing Tool, Search Console and AMP Testing Tool to help developers build and test their new card functionality. Bing launches new carousel of Black Friday flyers Not to be outdone, Google’s main rival in search has also been making improvements to its own carousel-style feature: the Black Friday flyers carousel…

    Search Engine Watch- 8 readers -
  • 3 Hotel PPC Campaigns To Get You Up & Running

    Hotel PPC campaigns can seem intimidating at first. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars if you’re not careful. This is why so many people are weary of trying out paid search. Once you get the hang of it, you realize that there’s potential for fantastic ROI. Below are a few tips to get your PPC account up and running.

    E-Marketing Associates- 11 readers -
  • How to maximize your AdSense earnings with Amazon CPM ads

    … traffic and unique visitor requirements. And you probably rejected other types of ad units to maintain user experience on your site, or these creative ad units did not pay more than AdSense. Here is a great option to increase your AdSense earnings without sacrificing user experience on your site: Amazon CPM Ads. Here are some tips to implement…

    Search Engine Watchin How To's- 10 readers -
  • Should you advertise on Facebook’s Audience Network?

    …, and videos.” Essentially, the Audience Network is a display ad network run by Facebook, comprising of a variety of mobile placements from apps and websites. You can see an example of an ad on the Audience Network below: (Source) The targeting used for Audience network is the same as that used on standard Facebook ads, and it can be used…

    Tara West/ State of Digitalin Social Facebook- 6 readers -
  • The state of PPC conferences in Europe

    … I have just come back from Heroconf London, the PPC event held by Hanapin Marketing in Europe and Marketing Festival in Ostrava (Czech Republic), the digital marketing event organized by Jindrich Fáborský. On February 1st was at PPC Masters in Berlin and on April 1st organized myself ADworld Experience in Bologna (Italy). This puts me…

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  • Use PPC to increase revenue this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

    … PPC or ‘pay per click’ advertising can be greatly effective this time of year and is a quick way to increase your business’ revenue and drive quality leads. With seasonal events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas quickly approaching, internet users are in prime buying mode. Why you should be doing PPC advertising this Black Friday…

    Attacat of Edinburghin Paid Search Display- 9 readers -
  • How Black Friday can lead to valuable organic search opportunities

    … Black Friday can be a great commercial opportunity for brands, but how can you create a successful strategy for the big day? Black Friday is a perfect retail opportunity, but it still requires the proper analysis of data to create a strategy that will lead to desired results. According to Adobe Digital Index, US online sales on Black Friday…

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  • 7 Keys to a Successful Mobile PPC Strategy

    … “This year is the year of mobile!” … said every PPC strategist 3 years ago. It’s no longer “the year of mobile” – mobile traffic has already become the fastest growing–and possibly most significant–segment of paid SEM traffic. It’s time to take a fresh, actionable look at your mobile PPC strategy for both quick wins and any overdue capital…

    Ryan Moothart/ Portent, Incin Affiliate Paid Search- 15 readers -
  • Don't Put the Wrong Stamp on Your Website Passport

    … design in a matter of minutes. Even if the overseas provider is working manually, it would amount to around 10 or 15 minutes per page. There may appear to be a dramatic difference, but the actual website could very likely be much worse because of what’s going on under the hood. When we migrate from one website or layout to another, there are dozens…

    Randy Milanovic/ KAYAK ONLINE MARKETING BLOG - 10 readers -
  • Attacat Reading List #1

    … In order to stay ahead in the digital world, it is important that we are always learning and moving forward. This is a mantra that the Attacats hold dear and we try to regularly take a few minutes out of our day to read the latest digital marketing news. This sharing of information, even just within the office, is what keeps us going and on top…

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  • Mobile paid search has increased by 134% since last year: stats

    … There has been an increase of 20% in the YoY growth of Google search ad spending in Q3 2016, while paid search mobile phone spend has increased by 134% from the past year. This is according to Merkle’s Q3 Digital Marketing Report, which covers the latest trends in paid search, social media, display, and organic search. Here are some more useful…

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  • Paid search click-through rates have risen 38%

    … According to data collected in Q3 2016, paid search CTRs have risen 38%, mainly in thanks to Google killing off its right-hand-side ads back in February. More advertisers have also started to use Google’s new extended text ads, accounting for 29% of search spend in September. These stats are taken from Kenshoo’s latest analysis of more than 750…

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Search Engine Watchin Paid Search- 11 readers -
  • Bing Ads reveal the most searched Halloween costumes

    … Halloween in the digital age involves a significant amount of searching until the right costume is picked. So what can we learn from this year’s searches? Online search is the most popular way to discover a Halloween costume nowadays, as according to National Retail Federation, 35% of adults rely on searching to find their costumes. Bing…

    Search Engine Watch- 12 readers -
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