• 7 Search Advertising Network Goes Out Of Business

      In surprising news, 7Search has completely shut down operations and is no longer in business. While advertisers are concerned about the loss of inventory, publishers are worried they may not get paid with a company shutting down so fast. The company has not answered questions, or returned calls from PACEDM inquiring about the business – but we spoke to a few employees about what was going on.

      Pace Lattin/ Performance Marketing Insiderin Affiliate- 23 readers -
    • When AI Fails Advertisers: Whitelisting & Programmatic Advertising

      Making sure an advertisement appears in the right place is harder now than it has ever been. New sites that publish content considered controversial, inflammatory, propogandic, or that otherwise do not align with the values of mainstream brands are created en masse everyday. In recent years, an alarming amount of this type of content has gone viral on social media, making th ...

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  • Marketing With Instagram: It is Very Doable!

    … You like Instagram. At least, you think you like Instagram. You use it currently, or you are thinking of using it more often. Image by Deborah Anderson from 123rf.com graphic (used by permission) But, is it something that is suitable for business? How do you get some sort of ROI (return on investment) with Instagram? Fortunately, those answers…

    Deborah Anderson/ Growmapin Social- 12 readers -
  • Google’s In-Market Audiences is Pure Gold for Auto Dealers and You’re Missing it

    …. It’s a little more complicated to set up than a simple text ad campaign, so less-skilled agencies miss it. If you’d like to get started with In-Market Audiences (if your current agency hasn’t alerted you, that is a huge red flag) then feel free to reach out to us about our PPC Management Services. Yes, I’d Like to Learn More About Your Service With a Consultation The post Google’s In-Market Audiences is Pure Gold for Auto Dealers and You’re Missing it appeared first on Austin SEO Company | TastyPlacement. …

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  • How To Keep Track Of Your Pay Per Call Traffic

    … It used to be that marketing was separated into distinct channels—online, print, and television. In the past advertisers would market their products or services on these channels. Sales would increase but the problem was being unable to glean conversion data. Many businesses wouldn’t know whether their print or television campaigns resulted…

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  • PPC 102: Seven tips to improve your paid search campaigns

    Once you’ve got the basics of PPC down, how can you improve on those efforts further? Here are seven tips to take your campaign to the next level. We recently gave eight tips to help beginner search marketers get their first campaigns off the ground, with our article ‘PPC 101: Eight tips to get started‘.

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  • How To Start Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator To Get More Leads

    … LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you build and nurture customer relationships. It helps increase sales and revenue. It’s an advanced tool to find leads in the targeted industry and specific geography. Target right buyers and companies could increase the chances to succeed. By personalizing outreach you can add value to your business communication…

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  • Taking Your Audiences to the Next Level

    … Affinity Audiences and In-Market Segments. When you apply these, you can also see an option for “Custom Affinity Audiences”. What are they? Use in: GDN & YouTube CAAs have been around for 2 or so years now and if you do a lot of advertising on YouTube or the Google Display Network these are really handy. You can’t use them in search, although…

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  • AdWords Editor 12: Everything you need to know

    … Google has launched AdWords Editor 12, the latest upgrade to its essential software for sophisticated PPC practitioners. Complete with a new look and a raft of useful features, it is a welcome upgrade and marks the biggest improvement to the platform since version 11.0 launched in 2014. Below, we have summarized everything you need to know…

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  • Facebook Features To Boost Your ROI

    … These features are super cool and worth a try. 1. Split Testing Split testing is another name for A/B testing. Facebook will test your campaigns on the basis of parameters you select. It also allows testing 3 variations, like A/B/C testing. You can select one of the following options and Facebook will make variations [...] The post Facebook…

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  • Meeker’s Report on the state of advertising and trends to watch out for

    … Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2017, one of the most-anticipated annual events in the world of digital, was released a few weeks ago. The 355-slide report covers the major shifts we are currently seeing in the internet and the digital economy, and is considered something of a barometer for the state of digital across the globe, as well…

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  • 3 ways to scale your SEM efforts when you are hitting a wall

    … recommend with DSAs is not to have that campaign as a volume driver but to leverage it for query mining. Cast a wide net, see what matches up and performs, then graduate those to keywords in your other campaigns where you can have more control over optimization, ad copy, and performance. Use RLSA to expand keyword options As you know, RLSA leverages…

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  • How To Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

    … Since LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft there has been a flurry of new features and capabilities. One such feature is the introduction of Lead Gen Forms. So what are they? How do they work? Should you be testing them? Let’s dive in. What Are Linkedin Lead Gen Forms? Lead Gen Forms are a new [...] The post How To Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms…

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  • The Power of A Great Agency Partner

    … for changes in the industry and present these updates to our clients in case their marketing goals are aligned with shaking things up a bit. If there is a strategy change, we’ll give our honest opinion and consult internally if needed. For instance, this case study that showcases the SEO team taking our client and transforming their strategy for cloud…

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