• Emoji appear in Google AdWords ads titles

      Emoji have been spotted in the wild in Google AdWords ads titles, giving rise to speculation that this option may be rolled out globally for all advertisers soon. We have seen this before, although prior instances of emoji in AdWords seemed to be caused by a loophole that allowed certain character combinations to pass through Google checks.

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    • How will Google’s new ‘Ad’ label impact marketers?

      Google started testing a new ‘Ad’ label in January this year, and late last week it was confirmed that this will now be rolled out globally. This white label with green text and a green outline will replace the green label that was launched in June 2016. The instant reaction to this is that the new labels fit in quite seamlessly with the rest of the paid placement, perhaps c ...

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    • LinkedIn PPC: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

      With over 467 million users across 200+ countries and 24 languages, LinkedIn is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers who define their core audiences by characteristics like job title, industry, company, seniority, etc. LinkedIn has offered a self-serve advertising platform for several years, but I’ve noticed that adoption has been slow.

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  • User Testing the SERPs: How Do Your Customers Really Search?

    … How do you know what your customers are searching for online? Most SEOs scream: MONTHLY SEARCH VOLUME Don’t worry, it isn’t their fault; even Google thinks SEO research is synonymous with Keyword research (The top 10 results for “SEO Research” are all about keyword research). The correct answer is: Ask your users! Historically, SEO…

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  • Can Google get users on board with “shortcuts in search”?

    …, restaurants, local amenities, and entertainment. The new feature is available within the Google app in the US, although users will have to upgrade the app to the latest version before the shortcuts are accessible. As Google continues its relentless release of new mobile-first products, this announcement is entirely aligned with the search…

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  • How to turn off ad tracking in Google, Bing and Yahoo!

    … of personalized ads from other companies served by Microsoft, by selecting ‘Do you want personalized ads from other companies?’ under ‘More choices’. On this page, as with Google, you can opt out of ad tracking for individual companies listed, or select ‘Choose all companies’ at the bottom to opt out of personalized ads for all participating companies. Yahoo…

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  • Charity begins at Google, generous paid search grants.

    …Google Grants So you’re running a charity and thinking of dipping your toes into a bit of paid advertising? Then your first stop should the the universal centre of search. Why? Because the kindly people over at Google are in the very good habit of dishing out some lovely free advertising grants. This is where you need to be, getting your name out…

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  • Long Live Expanded Text Ads: How to Embrace Long-Form Ad Copy

    … The sun has set on Standard Text Ads (STAs), and we’re waving goodbye to the days of 25/35/35 length ads. Advertisers are now only able to create longer Expanded Text Ads (ETAs, or now just “text ads”). As it stands any existing STAs will still show, but any advertisers who have yet to embrace ETAs should be on top of it ASAP. The writing…

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  • Hotel SEO: Five steps to optimizing hotel deals and listings

    … media and over 70% of Americans are driven to purchase by social media” Since Google is the leading search engine, using Google+ as a social tool for your hotel is important. Hotels should refrain from ignoring Google+ as its benefits cannot be quantified, your hotel’s Google+ page needs to be properly set up with a complete Google local profile…

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  • Bidding in a Mobile Centric 2017

    … and desktop advertising over the past few years. Both Google and Bing implemented segmented bidding options in 2016, allowing for the original enhanced campaign bid adjustment options back into campaign strategies. This includes separate desktop, mobile, and tablet bidding at both the campaign and ad group level. In today’s post, I wanted to give…

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  • How to target high-income consumers with Adwords

    There are many industries in which being able to target high net worth individuals is useful within AdWords. Whether you are selling high-end investments, expensive cars, loans or clothes, targeting high-end individuals within AdWords will help you improve your return on investment. Today I am going to be showing you a deeply hidden gem within AdWords that allows you to targe ...

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