• SEO’s Long Tail Keyword Problem

      So often when we think about the long tail of search, we think of the prevalence of phrases with three, four, five or more words. Today I’m asking you to think of long tail keywords differently. That long tail is affecting another long tail that I have yet to hear a lot of people talking about, and to be honest I think it’s hard to talk about because the answers are complex.

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    • How to deliver a data-driven search marketing strategy using customer intent trends

      Where is the biggest opportunity in marketing at the moment? According to Sophie Moule, Head of Marketing at Pi Datametrics, it’s the sheer amount of customer data that we can get from search. With 3.5 billion searches per day being carried out by Google, not to mention on vertical-specific websites like Amazon, YouTube and Pinterest, there is a huge sea of data available on ...

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  • Our Client Tried Yahoo Gemini And Saw Impressive Results

    … While Google and Bing might be your main breadwinners for paid search, don’t count out little-used platform Yahoo Gemini to gain some efficiency. Iterations of Yahoo Gemini have been around since February 2014. Starting as a way to leverage mobile and tablet traffic, Gemini’s main focus in those early days was on native ads. These ads blend…

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  • Are We Living in the Pateron Era?

    … Trends are changing faster than ever before. Most of us still remember life without the internet, yet even what used to be "the thing" online is outdated now. Those who want to keep on growing simply have to keep up. Online advertising, the lifeblood of much of the internet as we know it, is slowly dying. We can feel the next wave coming. Those…

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  • Improving PPC Campaigns with Customer Information

    … Businesses often store large pools of information about their customers, whether taken down in notes by service techs or stored in back-end databases. Unfortunately, this data doesn’t always see the light of day in the marketing department or with a PPC agency. Any information you can glean from customers can be immensely valuable to inform PPC…

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  • Meet Kristin Palmer: Clix Marketing Campaign Manager

    Today’s post is part of a series where we profile each member of our leadership team here at Clix. We hope you enjoy getting to know us. Great marketers in our industry — those who are insightful, knowledgeable, and show a true understanding for the needs of their clients — can adapt to changes and execute strategy flawlessly while maintaining humility and a level of patien ...

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  • Sales and Marketing Acronyms

    … like lead generation, bounce rate, brand awareness or sales conversions. MAP: Marketing Automation Platform A technology that assists marketers to convert prospects into customers by removing high-touch, manually repetitive processes with automated solutions. MailChimp, and Marketo are examples of MAPs. PPC: Pay Per Click A publisher who charges…

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  • A beginner’s guide to display advertising

    If you are a business looking to dive into display advertising, it can be overwhelming. In an increasingly digital world, where everybody’s eyes are glued to a screen, most advertising can seem like white noise. So you want to make sure you’re designing and promoting worthwhile ads in a proper venue.

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  • Google and Facebook Claim 60% of 2017 Digital Ad Spend

    … Implications of the Duopoly’s Market Grip on your Digital Strategy The power and influence of Facebook and Google gets stronger every year and will have a major impact on your digital marketing strategy for 2018. Commentators in the digital marketing space told us last year that the two major online players of Google and Facebook [...] The post…

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  • The must-have tools for paid search success

    … Paid search marketers look to technology to provide them with a competitive advantage. AdWords is host to a range of increasingly sophisticated features, but there are also numerous third-party tools that add extra insight. Below, we review some of the essential tools to achieve PPC success. The paid search industry is set to develop…

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  • A beginner’s guide to using negative keywords in PPC

    … Let’s set the scene. You’ve signed up to Google Adwords, entered your payment details, maybe even created a few ads and got to grips with the different types of matches for keywords. You may even have gone ahead and sent your ads live. Easy enough. But you are fully aware that it doesn’t end there. PPC can be an expensive hobby and you’re…

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  • How to get started with Facebook advertising: A step-by-step guide

    … Organic success on Facebook may have become harder for brands in the past few years – and will become all the more so with the upcoming change to its News Feed – but the same doesn’t necessarily apply to its paid advertising options. Facebook has seriously invested in presenting a large number of options for marketers and business owners who want…

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  • How creating relevant experiences can boost your clicks on local search ads

    We all know by now that mobile has had a tremendous impact on our lives as consumers and as marketers. What we are still getting our collective heads around is what this change means for us as marketers. Consumers have different expectations of the information they want when they search for “running shoes” at 9am from their desktop at work, versus “running shoes” at 6pm on th ...

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  • [Report] Why should marketers care about transparency in paid media?

    … Paid media transparency has become an increasingly pressing industry issue over the last few years. In January 2017, Chief Brand Officer of Procter & Gamble (P&G) Marc Pritchard drew attention to the issue of dishonest agency advertising practices, after an unpleasant surprise in its dealings with one agency led to the company reviewing…

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