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  • Is Everything OK? 3 Tips For Keeping Your PPC Accounts Healthy

    … December 23, 2016 As search professionals, we’re always assessing the overall state of our PPC programs. If performance isn’t constantly monitored, we’re sure to find out one day that the campaigns we thought were doing well are not hitting goals or worst case scenario, losing money. For this very reason, most account managers create intricate…

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  • Your End Of Year PPC Checklist: What To Audit Before 2017

    … it and forget it” tactical items in our accounts that don’t need constant tinkering. So, today, in the spirit of reflection and new year’s goals, we will look at six essential areas that should not be overlooked moving into 2017. Bid rules Device schedule and bidding Search Partners data Ad extensions Remarketing lists Code placement Time and time again…

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  • Thank You Notes: Acknowledging The Most Significant PPC Updates Of 2016

    … the rules of the game. We in the advertising business, we will be here, waiting to throw the rules back in your face and be smarter about our investments, our targeting, and our data. Looking Ahead Every year since I began my PPC career, I am blown away by the amount of changes that happen in our industry. In 2016, I feel these changes are more…

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  • Weird Science: A Lesson in Failed Experiments

    …. If by implementing this new strategy performance plummeted, then by reverting the strategy, performance will bounce back. I reverted the changes I made in the account and waited for traffic to improve. When it did not improve, I was puzzled. I started to peel back the layers, get really granular and do all of those other PPC buzz-word things…

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  • How To Make A Good Account Manager Assignment

    … and ascribe to is called ‘capacity and best fit.’ Capacity is important because assigning new work to someone who can’t take it on will lead to failure. Best fit is important because account management is about building relationships with clients. I’ve witnessed numerous instances where a highly skilled account manager is unable to ‘click…

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  • The Ins And Outs Of PPC Account Expansion

    … the crumpled dollar bills out of my porcelain piggy bank, head to the store, and buy more. Maybe my childhood obsession with Legos helped fuel my passion for good, solid, PPC campaign structures. Every time I work in an account, my mind is constantly thinking, “how can I make this bigger/better? Where can I expand?” There are many different methods…

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  • Two Reasons Why I Don’t Buy Into The Quality Score Hype

    … I’ve never really understood the hype and over the top attention afforded to quality score. I understand why search engines need to have an algorithm that determines bid prices and ad rank. However, what I can’t wrap my head around is why so many marketers are overly fixated on a metric that ultimately doesn’t have much bearing…

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  • 2015 Prediction: The Year of Bid and Budget Automation

    …. After all, if budgets are not properly managed, business metrics can be severely impacted. Improperly managing bids can lead to missing out on opportunities (not getting enough traffic) or overpaying for keywords, creating negative return on investment. Today we’re going to discuss why automating bid and budget management is critical…

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  • The Art Of The PPC Account Transition

    … Whether you work for a PPC agency or in-house, one thing is for certain – you will at some point be engaging in an internal account transition. At first, it may sound appealing to inherit an account where all the groundwork has already been laid by your colleague, but there are times when the account transition is quite complicated. No two…

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  • Managing an Education PPC Account. What You Need to Know

    … I’ve been managing paid search accounts in the for profit education vertical for nearly six and a half years. During this time the industry has changed significantly. New regulations restrict the way users are messaged, bid prices have soared making paid search an expensive proposition, and the demand for high quality leads has forced changes…

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  • Is It Time for a PPC Management Quality Score?

    … their AdWords account and he had some concerns that he wanted to talk about. Can you deal with this?” Let’s stop there. To a non-tech savvy, SMB, Google is the equivalent of the Greek god, Zeus. I’m not really exaggerating that much. Google carries the flaming thunderbolts of denial, disapproval, and blacklisting. Google has phenomenal, cosmic power…

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  • Tips for Getting Results with an Inherited PPC Account

    I’ve been assigned to a series of new clients recently as we shepherd them through their first 90 days with Hanapin. Additionally, I have been auditing accounts for prospects through our pre-sales process. In every instance, the accounts are pre-existing and have or would become an ‘inherited account’ situation.

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  • Keep Your PPC Clients Happy – Tips for Managing Client Relationships

    … A lot of conversation has taken place recently around Hanapin regarding the question “What makes clients unhappy”? I have boiled down these conversations into three overarching buckets: Not being proactive Not moving fast enough in accounts Client communication While positive results usually equates to happy clients, there is often a flaw…

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  • PPC – The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    … can show an ad speaking to “blue running shoes.” The PPC listings within the Google SERPs Through both targeting settings and account structure, advertisers can run successful PPC campaigns as long as relevance is paramount. Main Platforms Google AdWords Run on Google, Search Partner sites, and Display Network sites, AdWords is the largest pay…

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  • Account Structure: The Backbone of PPC Success

    … Prior to my career in paid search, I spent time designing databases. It was instilled in me that a great structure was key to a great database. If the structure were laid out in a clean, logical manner, the data quality and integrity would be far superior. The same holds true for PPC accounts. Campaigns with tightly themed ad groups…

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