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    • 3 Ways To Use ROAS In PPC Lead Gen Optimization

      March 6, 2017 “In any PPC campaign, whether eCommerce or lead generation, return is the ultimate indicator of success.” –Matt Umbro Naturally, we all want to be successful. We want to know that the money we are putting into paid search, social, and display—or the investment we are managing on behalf of our clients—is being utilized in the most efficient way.

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  • Is Everything OK? 3 Tips For Keeping Your PPC Accounts Healthy

    … December 23, 2016 As search professionals, we’re always assessing the overall state of our PPC programs. If performance isn’t constantly monitored, we’re sure to find out one day that the campaigns we thought were doing well are not hitting goals or worst case scenario, losing money. For this very reason, most account managers create intricate…

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  • Your End Of Year PPC Checklist: What To Audit Before 2017

    … of the most essential parts of an account. Let’s review 5 top priority areas that you can take a deep dive to end the year and start planning and strategizing on how to improve your accounts moving into 2017. 1) Bid Rules The typical set it and forget it. We put a lot of time into our bid rules, whether in a bid management system or the PPC platform…

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  • Thank You Notes: Acknowledging The Most Significant PPC Updates Of 2016

    … the simplification of columns and the ease of reporting with one metric. Number 5: Expanded Customer Match Options Thank you, Google, for expanding capabilities with customer match. When you rolled customer match targeting out last year, we were all pretty pumped. But now, with Shopping, we can truly put the right product in front of the right person. Number 4…

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  • Weird Science: A Lesson in Failed Experiments

    October 17, 2016 Much of what we do day in and day out in PPC is stare at numbers. Beautiful, finite numbers. We know numbers to be objective. If we spend $12,622 and that spend garners 31 conversions, we know the average cost per conversion is $40.716129. If our campaign is limited by budget and we raise our budget, we will no longer be limited by budget.

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  • How To Make A Good Account Manager Assignment

    … September 7, 2016 One of my key responsibilities is assigning new accounts to team members. Account manager assignments are the first critical decision made on behalf of an account. Making a good account assignment instills confidence and positively demonstrates to clients an ability to make solid decisions. On the flip side, a poorly…

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  • The Ins And Outs Of PPC Account Expansion

    September 6, 2016 I am obsessed with structures. As a kid I would dump out my blue plastic garbage can full of Legos in the middle of the living room and build for hours. Build. Take apart. Re-build. Then there were the times when the thousands of little pieces weren’t enough. I wanted to see just how much I could build so I’d pull the crumpled dollar bills out of my porcela ...

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  • Two Reasons Why I Don’t Buy Into The Quality Score Hype

    … performance by QS. This analysis is of cost per converted click by quality score. I pulled year to date numbers in order to include a large enough data set to make the analysis statistically significant. In this example, keywords with a QS score of 1 have a cost per converted click of approximately $267. The cost per converted click for these…

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  • 2015 Prediction: The Year of Bid and Budget Automation

    … 2014 is winding down and I’ve begun contemplating the future of PPC. I believe 2015 will be the ‘year of bid and budget automation’. As the business of PPC grows in complexity and the amount of levers that need to be monitored and pulled within accounts increases, it’s not only a need, but also a necessity to automate these two critical areas…

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  • The Art Of The PPC Account Transition

    … Whether you work for a PPC agency or in-house, one thing is for certain – you will at some point be engaging in an internal account transition. At first, it may sound appealing to inherit an account where all the groundwork has already been laid by your colleague, but there are times when the account transition is quite complicated. No two…

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  • Managing an Education PPC Account. What You Need to Know

    … in how conversions are analyzed. Today were going to discuss these hurdles and what can be done to overcome them. Compliance Regulations Have Limited the Use of Some Standard PPC Best Practices. Prior to 2011, almost anything could have been promised in an ad. Regulations now specifically state schools cannot say anything that implies making…

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  • Is It Time for a PPC Management Quality Score?

    … (said in the voice of Aladdin’s Genie) and if you get on their bad side, they will blast away at you willy nilly. I’m not arguing here the veracity of this claim, I’m just reporting how many small businesses feel where Google is concerned. They don’t understand how it works, but they fear the reaper (and there’s no Will Ferrell to explore…

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  • Tips for Getting Results with an Inherited PPC Account

    … I’ve been assigned to a series of new clients recently as we shepherd them through their first 90 days with Hanapin. Additionally, I have been auditing accounts for prospects through our pre-sales process. In every instance, the accounts are pre-existing and have or would become an ‘inherited account’ situation. These accounts are currently…

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  • Keep Your PPC Clients Happy – Tips for Managing Client Relationships

    … in these three areas that causes friction between client and agency. Failure to detect these flaws and address them could cause relationships to be strained even if performance is good. Let’s get to it and discuss how to address common flaws that pop up in client relationships, so we have happy clients that stay with their partners for a long time…

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  • PPC – The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    … can show an ad speaking to “blue running shoes.” The PPC listings within the Google SERPs Through both targeting settings and account structure, advertisers can run successful PPC campaigns as long as relevance is paramount. Main Platforms Google AdWords Run on Google, Search Partner sites, and Display Network sites, AdWords is the largest pay…

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  • Account Structure: The Backbone of PPC Success

    … Prior to my career in paid search, I spent time designing databases. It was instilled in me that a great structure was key to a great database. If the structure were laid out in a clean, logical manner, the data quality and integrity would be far superior. The same holds true for PPC accounts. Campaigns with tightly themed ad groups…

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