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  • A Tool to Change Automated PPC Reporting

    … might think. To conclude with a tip, the best way to segment the campaign’s sub type is by labels, but all good PPC specialists should be using these already! A Tool to Change Automated PPC Reporting …

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  • The Latest PPC Trends: What You Need to Know

    … A variety of changes to the services offered by Google and Bing will impact their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising customers over the course of 2015. Many changes have to do with shifting trends in the search and PPC industries, in terms of the strategies employed by search engine developers and the behavior of their users. A robust PPC…

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  • What Is PPC?

    One of the main reasons why you created a business website, or a social networking page for your company, is so that you can get more exposure for your products. Reinforcing your brand’s identity can be as simple as establishing an online presence, but to do this, you first have to learn a few tricks of the trade, like SEO.

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  • How A PPC Fraud Ring Impersonated 300+ Advertisers In May 2014

    … Did you know that your paid search ads are susceptible to the same type of fraud that affects other forms of digital advertising? And we're not just talking about click fraud here. The fraudulent tactic affecting PPC the most dramatically these days is a fairly insidious one that can be hard to detect. It's called PPC ad impersonation…

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  • How to get your ads approved on Facebook

    How to get your ads approved on Facebook Many affiliates having problems promoting their offers on facebook and we hear many times that ads been disapproved. People keep changing the offers and they still can’t get their ads approved. In this post we are going to talk about the most common reasons why this happen and how to solve it.

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