Ppc And Excel

  • Using Pivot Tables to Visualize Search Query Mismatches

    … important now that Google allows close variant matching for Exact Match types. It starts with the Almighty Search Query Report (a.k.a. the SQR). The SQR shows you the actual user search queries and which of your bidded-on keywords it was matched to. Frequently, you’ll find some pretty glaring mis-matches! Most PPCers know of this and use the SQR…

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  • Increasing PPC Efficiency With Excel

    … performance! Today’s post features a few Excel tricks and formulas that every paid search professional should be familiar with, to work as quickly and efficiently as possible! Excel Shortcuts Although they may seem basic, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the time savings achieved with Excel shortcuts. We’ve listed a few of the simplest below…

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