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    • Funnel-Based PPC Account Strategy – An Overview

      Channel Contribution 101: You want your paid search account to drive value and make money. You want to use your paid search account to help reach new customers and grow your business. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as whipping up a campaign, throwing in some keywords, and then watching the revenue come flooding in.

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  • Stop Neglecting These 4 AdWords Features

    … advanced targeting options like similar audiences and customer match within AdWords are great next steps. And, of course, don’t forget about expanding on AdWords success with Bing Ads. By starting from your top performing AdWords campaigns and a limited budget you’ll be setting up the account with low risk and solid upside. Ready for more? Take a look at this guide on auditing an AdWords account for additional strategic suggestions. The post Stop Neglecting These 4 AdWords Features appeared first on Portent. …

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  • 6 Little Steps to Create a Killer PPC Landing Page

    As I contemplate the world of dedicated PPC landing pages, and who doesn’t enjoy a good PPC daydream, I can’t help but think they’re a lot like beer. A million varieties but very few really good ones exist. But here’s the thing, if you simply know and do the things that create a great beer every time, you can’t help but put out a great product. The same is 100% true of a great landing page.

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  • AdWords is Changing Exact Match…Again

    … Exact match is dead; long live exact match! Last Friday, Google announced that it is “expanding close variant matching to include additional rewording and reordering for exact match keywords.” In other words: “exact match” will not exactly be exact match. If you’re not a PPC nerd, exact match types are used for keywords that the advertiser only…

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  • Are You Over Optimizing Your AdWords Account?

    … already well down the road, it’s never too late. Be Diligent, Yet Patient in PPC Optimization We’ve talked a lot in this post about “not doing too much”. Do not take this as an excuse to be passive, lazy, or reactive in managing your AdWords account. Do not set it and forget it. PPC is a goldmine of actionable. ROI producing data. Use it! But as you…

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  • Don’t Fall Off Page One: Heed the Orange Warning in AdWords

    …, some advertisers have even built their PPC strategy exclusively around lower ad and page positioning. So, if your industry’s Page 1 keyword bids are becoming too expensive for you, here are a few key factors that need to be addressed: Are you regularly looking at your Search Terms report for the highest quality and lowest CPA keywords to add…

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  • It’s Time to Audit Your AdWords Account

    … selection, and so forth. If you feel like you may be overlooking or under-using any of the new tools or best practices here, make time to take that big step back from daily optimization to truly audit your AdWords account before we get too far into the year. Alternatively, you can get a few tips from us at no cost by requesting a free PPC audit from Portent. Just sayin’. The post It’s Time to Audit Your AdWords Account appeared first on Portent. …

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  • 7 Keys to a Successful Mobile PPC Strategy

    … will be wasted. 2. Exclude Mobile Traffic in Display Campaigns Display campaigns are notorious for their poor performance on mobile devices. When a user is on their phone, they’re likely using predominantly apps and will only briefly resort to online browsers to search or research something. Most users don’t enjoy being interrupted and taken out…

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  • 5 New AdWords Features You Should Be Using

    … ad’ will be there. Using the responsive ad builder, you can preview your creation and implement the ads directly from the interface. Have any questions about these changes or any other upcoming AdWords updates? Let us know and we can help you out. The post 5 New AdWords Features You Should Be Using appeared first on Portent. …

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  • 13 Places to Look on Your Next Google AdWords Account Audit

    … Auditing your Google AdWords account on a quarterly or semi-annual basis is a great way to step back from the day-in, day-out management grind to find gaps in performance or areas for expansion to help boost overall performance. While some marketing managers and business owners know the importance of stepping back to review an AdWords account…

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  • 6 Questions to Ask [Yourself] Before Hiring a PPC Agency

    … in leads, revenue, etc. isn’t what you need, that’s a great forcing function to reexamine your budget and goals with stakeholders and management. Perhaps you don’t know where to begin. Here’s a great resource from a few months back on the Portent blog, all about how to set a PPC budget. In short, start by examining your goals and your current…

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  • Introduction to Amazon Ads Strategy

    …. People trust Amazon, which allows conversion rates to be fairly high. But competition is high for many verticals so do your due diligence. Amazon advertising is a great option but look toward search optimization too. Remember, Amazon is a search engine and can be manipulated just like Google and Bing. If you need help getting started with Amazon advertising or have questions, let us know. The post Introduction to Amazon Ads Strategy appeared first on Portent. …

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  • How to Increase Productivity with Google AdWords Editor

    …. Editor tools like this one are not uncommon. Bing Ads has a tool that is very similar. Facebook Ads has Power Editor. Each has very practical applications, so if you work in the accounts on a regular basis, it’s worth the time to learn how to effectively use the editor tools. The post How to Increase Productivity with Google AdWords Editor appeared first on Portent. …

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  • Product Feed Optimization for Google Shopping

    … Google product category Product link Image link Condition Availability Price GTIN (if applicable) Brand If a product has multiple colors, materials, or sizes there are extra attributes required. How to optimize The purpose of this post isn’t to help you just meet specifications, though. Google has tons of help articles to help you do…

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  • Why Can’t I See My PPC Ads?

    … they came to, your impression share can drop. After discussing the multitude of reasons why your ads are not showing up when you search for them, you can finally take a deep breath. Instead of hunting in the SERP for your ads, focus on the metrics in AdWords and Bing Ads. That will be a better representation of your ad performance. The post Why Can’t I See My PPC Ads? appeared first on Portent. …

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