Ppc Call Tracking

  • Calls: The Conversion Paid Search Marketers Can’t Afford To Ignore

    … after conducting a mobile search, do so via the phone. While search marketers are masters of digital tracking, the unfamiliar territory of attributing and optimizing for call conversions can be uncomfortable, and as a result, is often avoided. In fact, a recent infographic by Invoca reveals that while marketers highly value calls, they do little…

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  • 3 Priceless Benefits of Integrating Your Telephone Call Data

    … and keywords are driving sales. But what we often neglect is that our marketing is generating offline conversions as well such as telephone calls. This type of data can’t be tracked in an analytics programme alone and often marketers don’t realise how integral telephone conversations are in the sales cycle. For instance, I recently read a call tracking case…

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